Designed Credit and Banker T-shirt: meets the next generation of banks

אוסף כרטיסי האשראי העולמי של ניר קוריס / צילום: אלבום פרטי

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A young fintech consultant, Neer Corris, is Marco Polo of the banking world. His hobby is to open accounts in innovative banks (neo-banks) around the world, to see how the young bank works without borders. He experimented with account opening in the Netherlands and New York, participated in bank officials’ hackathons wearing T-shirts and even designed a credit card for himself.

Neo Bank or Challenger Bank are new banks that have already opened without any branch and have no intention of producing such for themselves. They cater to specific sectors, and most of them are engaged in banking innovation and a sustained effort to transform the sector. These banks provide services to youth who are not recognized by traditional banks or run small businesses.

Corys was a guest on the podcast Fintech report Dr. Directed by Oishi Shoham-Crass and among the dozens of such banks in recent years and the findings given in this chapter.

Nir Koris, Advisor to Banks and Fintech Companies / Photo: PR

Dr. Oishi Shoham-Kruse holds a PhD in Philosophy of Economics, and is engaged in future studies in the financial fields. He taught for years in the School of Economics and Business Administration in the College of Management. And a guide to the use of thinking plans from the field of future studies for the benefit of organizational work.home page Or by email.

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