Deutsche Bank plans to reduce office hours in the UK – Money Times

Deutsche Bank plans to reduce office hours in the UK - Money Times
The move to a permanent office division was made on Tuesday by IWG, the world’s largest owner of flexible offices.

The debate over the office’s future is moving to a firm conclusion: activists will spend more days of the week away from it.

With the end of the restrictions The uk In sight Deutsche Bank The British are considering allowing the team to work from home one to three days a week. Standard Life Aberdeen expects workers to spend equal time at home and offices are being renovated to meet these demands.

IWG, the world’s largest owner of flexible offices, on Tuesday moved towards a permanent division of the office. According to the company, hybrid work has created a boom for large companies, who are seeking more flexible access to their 3,300 locations.

Deutsche Bank CEO Tyna Lee in the UK said in an interview to Bloomberg TV on Monday, “Employees need to be back in office five days a week” I think this seems like a pointless opportunity. The team’s response indicates that they want to work from home at least one to three days a week and “this is what we are looking for.”

Lee also said that Deutsche Bank will vary its remote work policies according to roles and indicate that operators may have fewer days of work at home than other employees.

Germany’s largest bank has been discussing a new policy for remote work for months, while seeking to reduce real estate costs and adapt to the new needs of employees. Bloomberg previously reported that the bank may allow employees to work from home two days a week.

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‘Extreme improvement’

Chief Executive Officer Stephen Bird told reporters on Tuesday that SLA is “behaving in a radical way” in its main office London and has renovated its headquarters in Edinburgh. “We restructured the office for hybrid work. After working long hours at home, we really need to attract our employees back to offices, but not full time. “

Bird said the company shifted its focus to open-plan offices, which would have more meeting areas for brainstorming.

TP ICAP CEO Nicholas Breto said in an earnings conference call on Tuesday that his company was implementing a hybrid model in which the back-office team could work from home two days a week.

Japan’s Nippon Telegraph and Telephone have signed an agreement that will allow its 300,000 employees to reach any of IWG’s global offices.

IWG CEO Mark Dixon said in a telephone interview that demand for office space became more rapid in smaller cities and closer to where people live.

“The problem in big cities is really related to traffic,” Dixon said. “What will happen after this happens, and this is what makes hybrid and flexible work so appealing.”

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