Development aid broke records in 2020, says OECD | Economy

Development aid broke records in 2020, says OECD |  Economy
  • The OECD states that Brazil is the only major economy in 2021

a Total aid reached $ 161.2 billion, 3.5% more than last year, According to the OECD, “the highest level ever recorded”.

Of this amount, US $ 12 billion was allocated for issues related to coronovirus.

“Short-term support to help deal with the Kovid-19 crisis has focused on health systems, humanitarian aid and food security,” the organization said.

The OECD says that the world economic recovery this year is near and more growth is expected for Brazil

However, OECD chief Ángel Gurría called for more efforts, reiterating that $ 161 billion represents only “1%” of the various incentive packages worldwide.

“We have to make more extensive efforts to support the income and livelihoods of the most vulnerable populations to help developing countries with vaccination, delivery of hospital services, and to truly ensure global recovery,” he said.

The United States remains the largest donor ($ 35.5 billion), ahead of Germany ($ 28.4 billion) and the United Kingdom ($ 18.6 billion).

Three quarters (76%) of the total aid comes from G7 countries.

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