did you know? Round 6 was not meant to be a TV series.

did you know?  Round 6 was not meant to be a TV series.

Chain round 6 It became a hit when it debuted on Netflix, however, it was not initially envisioned as a television series.

your producer, Hwang Dong-hyunkotold The Playlist that he planned to become a webtoon, which was a digital comics Popular in South Korea.

The idea was to see if people would like it and only then produce a live-action one, however, the way things eventually led to the emergence of the television series.

“Actually, I was thinking when Round 6. create In form of webtoon First, so if people liked it, we could do live-action.”

“Then around 2018 I read it (the script) for the first time in 10 years because I was thinking of doing a webtoon with it. in season, Netflix was starting its business in South KoreaAnd this was at a time when global OTT services were really becoming very popular.”

Anupam Tripathi in a scene from Round 6 (courtesy)

The series unexpectedly hit Netflix

Hwang Dong-hyunko He said that he started writing script drafts in 2009 and kept it on his computer for a period of ten years.

He and his production company tried to sell the story as a film, but when Netflix launched in South Korea in 2016, they realized it was the right time and place to make the series.

“I knew that maybe in the near future, the time for this material would come. I waited and waited, and I made three films,” he said.

“When I showed it to my production company, he said, ‘Yeah, you have to do it in the United States, like, in a foreign country, not Korea, because it’s like a global series.’

Dong-hyuk also commented that round 6 In college can be done by netflix Because it was “very violent and investors would be very worried”.

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The success was so great that even Hwang Ko received praise from Steven Spielberg.

“Steven Spielberg said to me, ‘I watched your entire series in three days and now I want to steal your mind.’ It was the biggest compliment ever in my life because he is the hero of my film. I grew up watching your films,” he said.

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