Discovery of the Mysterious Planet Nine could follow a satirical exoplanet in deep space

Discovery of the Mysterious Planet Nine could follow a satirical exoplanet in deep space

However, recently discovered scientists have not yet been able to locate the planet 9 exoplanet More evidence can be found in the deep space that the mysterious heavenly thing actually exists.

Exoplanet HD 106906b is 6 33 years light years from Earth and has a satirical cycle around a pair of host stars, traveling once every 15,000 years, according to a study Astronomy.

First discovered in 2013, the exoplanet is huge, 11 times the size Jupiter. More recently, thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope’s measurements, scientists were able to see its longest – 730 times the distance between Earth and the Sun – and tilted orbit, unlike any known planet, the Sun. System.

Called HD 106906B, this 11-Jupiter-mass esplanade is a double star 33 33-light-years away and could signal something very close to home: an estimated distance from our solar system. This is the first time that astronomers have been able to measure the motion of a giant planet-like planet orbiting far away from its host of stars and visible debris. (Credit: ESA / Hubble, M. Cornmeaser)

Crisis for the mysterious planet 9

“To illustrate why this is so strange, we can look at our own solar system and see that all the planets are almost lying in the same plane,” said the lead author of the study, lead author of the University of California, Berkeley. , Meiji Nguin told. Statement. “It would be strange to assume that Jupiter was tilted only 30 degrees compared to the spacecraft that every other planet orbits. This raises the question of how the HD 106906B ended up on such a bit of rabbit so far. ”

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Researchers believe that HD 106906b may be very close to its host stars, but over time, the pull-out bit rabbit deteriorated. Instead of falling into the normal occurrence of stars, the gravity of both stars pushed it out of the system, but at the right time, another star approached, resulting in a long el rabbit.

If planet 9 exists, a similar scenario might be seen in the early days of our solar system, when Jupiter’s gravity pushes it to shore, just to be rescued by another, alien star.

Paul Klaas, co-author of the study, added: “It’s like we have a time machine for our solar system 6. billion billion years ago to see what could happen when our young solar system. The dynamic was active and everything around was being mocked and rearranged, “said Paul Klaas, co-author of the study. .

Researchers want to further study HD 106906B to find out how it is formed and where it is and to see if there are additional links to Planet 9, a celestial object that has not yet been discovered despite the hype surrounding it.

Robert de Rosa, co-author of the study, added: “Despite the lack of detection of Planet Nine to date, the planet’s story can be traced back to its effects on various objects in the outer solar system. “This suggests that if a planet were really responsible for what we see in the orbit of trans-Neptunian objects, then its solar or rabbit should correspond to the ship of the solar system. This bit of Rabbit’s prediction of Planet Nine is similar to what we see with HD 106906B. “

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Customer 9 Probably already made, study tips

‘Hard to imagine our solar system without a plan 9’

An imaginary planet described “The lost link of the solar system,“Planet 9 (also called Planet X) has been part of the dictionary for many years, before Mentioned in 2014. It was reintroduced in 2016, when Caltech astrophysicists Mike Brann and Konstantin Batgin wrote about it.

The artist's view of Planet Nine, an imaginary world that some scientists think is too far overlooked in the outer solar system.  (R. Hurt (IPAC) / Caltech)

The artist’s view of Planet Nine, an imaginary world that some scientists think is too far overlooked in the outer solar system. (R. Hurt (IPAC) / Caltech)

In October 2017, NASA Issued a statement Saying that planet 9 could be 20 times farther away from the Sun than Neptune, it is safe to say that “it is now difficult to imagine our solar system without a planet 9.”

Some researchers have suggested a mysterious planet Maybe hidden behind Neptune And it can actually take 1000 years to find.

Two studies Published in March 2019, it offers support for its existence A separate study Published in September 2019 suggests that the theoretical object could not be a giant planet hidden behind Neptune – but a major black hole.

A study published in January 2019 It has been suggested that some of the farthest celestial bodies in our planetary system are not being affected by this yet discovered planet, but there is another mysterious object deep in the echo of space.

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