Discovery to star in new Disney+ series

Discovery to star in new Disney+ series

london actors Shazad Latif has been cast in the lead role of the new live-action series by Disney, Topic nautilus, The actor in the project was announced last Thursday, the 11th, says time limit,

Shazad interpreter o captain noroo, an enigmatic Indian prince who steals a luxurious submarine from the East India Company and sails across the ocean in search of an ocean-deep adventure.

The story will be inspired by a classic work of literature Jules Verne, 20,000 leagues under the sea, Both the submarine Nautilus and Nemo are the most iconic characters from the famous book.

series to be composed total 10 episodes In its first season.

Shazad Latif Best known for his role as Ash Tyler in Star Trek: Discovery, He also participated in the series Departure: Inquiry and from recent releases, the miniseries love chase, Latif is represented by ICM Partners, Lou Coulson Associates and Principal Entertainment LA,

Shazad Latif as Ash Tyler in Star Trek: Discovery (Reproduction)

data sheet

In support of the Australian Government’s locality incentives and Screen Queensland production attraction strategy, production of the film is expected to begin in Australia next month.

will be in charge of producing the show Seven Stories E Moonriver TV,

takes the director’s chair Michael Mathews, which has been behind such projects Marseille’s Warriors and Love and Monsters, he is represented by Range Media Partners, Management 360 and Ziffren Brittenham,

The executive is left with the production and production script. James Dormer, who has written the screenplays for several series, including Beowulf: Return to Shieldlands and Medici: Masters of Florence,

The literary classic has appeared in a few films over the years.

Jules Verne’s book, 20,000 leagues under the sea, was written in 1869 and is today one of the greatest classics of illustrious literature. The book was widely acclaimed and was considered one of Verne’s best. around the world in 80 Days I journey to the center of the earth,

The work was inspired by a French submarine called plunger, which was at an exhibition in 1863 that Verne had visited. The image inspired him and became the Captain’s primary means of transportation.

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The character of Nemo has been featured in few films over the past hundred years. In 1954, Disney released the first live-action version of the film in Hollywood; The version was a hit and won at the box office. Two Oscars for Best Art Direction and Special Effects,

In 1973, a Spanish-French-Italian-Cameroon film was produced, and it goes down in history for being more faithful to the original material, including the exterior appearance of the submarine. Finally, in 2003, the steampunk version of extraordinary league Brings character again with Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah.

the release of nautilus no date yet Happening, at least for a while.

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