Dismissed former Coronation Street star Bruno Langley has released a single

Dismissed former Coronation Street star Bruno Langley has released a single

Dismissed former Crown Street actor Bruno Langley has announced that he has released a single as his character makes a dramatic comeback in Soap.

As Archers and Ordnance Lights star Gareth Pierce arrives in Kochi as Todd, Bruno announces that he has released a song called Colloid.

The 37-year-old announced on Instagram on Friday that Gareth, 39, began his career as a character he had played and played off for 16 years.

“I hope everyone is doing well,” he wrote.

Played by Billy Mayho and the original Todd Grimshaw, Bruno Langley

“It’s been a long time since I’ve released a work, so here it is. #Newmusicfriday #newmusic #colide #pop #popmusic #cinematicpop #letsgo #art #colide #new.”

The announcement was shared by Ryan Thomas, who played his older brother Jason on the show.

And his partner Lucy France told him: “Very proud.”

The story of Todd’s return to the seasonfield, with its twists and turns, was eagerly awaited by the audience, with his mother, Eileen, fearing he would die.

The seeds were sewn for his return this summer when a letter arrived asking for money from the former lawyer.

Police this week told his frightened mother, who had been out of Thailand to visit Jason, that they had found a body he thought was Todd’s.

Gareth Pierce is the new Todd Grimshaw

But when he received a note asking her to meet him at an old warehouse, he told Eileen to go and identify the body as his own.

The long-running character was written off Carrie in December 2017 when Bruno was convicted of two counts of sexual harassment at a Manchester bar.

Bruno had previously released an EP in which musical support was offered by his family members.

And in February 2017 she sang for patients and staff at Christie’s.

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The last time viewers saw Todd’s character was when he ran away from the weather with Billy’s Godmother Summer Spellman.

He fled when his grandmother, Geraldine, tried to take possession of the girl.

When he was tracked by police, Todd attacked a police officer and fled on his own, and Summer returned to Weatherfield on his own.

Newcomer Gareth Pierce had previously said about joining the soap: “I am delighted to be involved in such a wonderful show, and I have been entrusted with the responsibility of taking Todd forward in some interesting stories.

“We are proud to be part of a dedicated Coronation Street team in such unique times.”

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