Doctor Strange 2 will have Spider-Man-inspired remakes

Doctor Strange 2 will have Spider-Man-inspired remakes

obviously success Spider Man met the expectations of the fans of Miracle took an impressive turn and influenced other films MCU,

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Note: Spoilers for Spider-Man: No Return Home from this point onwards.

The multiverse opened in full swing and several guest appearances set a new precedent for Marvel Cinematic Universe,

Like Exponential Growth of Special Partnerships Movies made solely and exclusively to meet the requests of fans that audiences bow to are becoming the most popular in studios.

Rumors say that this popularity is the engine that made some of the scenes Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to be shot again, say Hollywood Reporter,

According to sources, continuing Doctor Strange Again there would have been a series of shots that would have taken an additional six weeks to shoot six days a week.

Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange (Courtesy/Disney)

This process may have been inspired by the recent film Spider Man and by the series Disney+ bottle gourd, MCU productions that deal with the multiverse. Looks like Disney has found its new goose that lays golden eggs: Explore the nostalgia of fans of the films of the franchise.

The source also revealed that the studio would have decided to “have more fun with the multiverse”, and that it would include more guest appearances and introduce new characters. Doctor Strange 2,

The film is the beginning of the biggest pandemic

No one can blame the studio for putting in some of the magic they did. not returning home in his other productions. After all, the film made a stellar collection on its opening weekend. over $253 million ($1.4 billion) in the United States and over $587 million (over $3 billion) worldwide,

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representative and president of Sony Pictures Motion Pictures Group, Tom Rothmanexpressed the company’s happiness over the success of the film. He thanked all the talent involved from the production team to the cast and said that the film is an example of how Exclusive movie premieres may still be in the works,

“Historical Consequences of Spider-Man: No Return Home This weekend, from all corners of the world and in spite of so many challenges, they reaffirm the unique cultural impact that films opening in theaters can have especially when they are created and promoted with vision and determination. are done. All of us at Sony Pictures are extremely grateful for the stupendous talent in front of and behind the camera, who have produced such an iconic film. Thank you for your wonderful work This Christmas everyone can enjoy the gift of the mightiest superhero of 2021 on the big screen – his neighbor Spider-Man,

Spider-Man: No Return Home This in Theaters from all over Brazil.

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