Doctors in India use Apple Vision Pro in surgery

In India, doctors use Apple Vision Pro headsets during medical procedures and surgeries; In Brazil, surgeons also take advantage of MR devices

10th May
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Report of surgery done with glasses apple vision pro Are increasing all over the world. after britain And in Brazil, there are records of surgeons using the company’s mixed reality (MR) headset. Apple In surgical procedures in India. Nine procedures were performed there technology So far.

Photo: Bram van Oost/Unsplash/CanalTech

In India, use of apple vision pro headset Laparoscopy (or videolaparoscopy), a minimally invasive procedure in which a camera (laparoscope) is used to evaluate the condition of various organs.

In the Brazilian case, the Apple device was used during a video arthroscopy, another procedure that examines the internal structure of joints. This is also done with the help of camera.

apple vision pro in india

Surgery with Apple Vision Pro takes place at GEM Hospital, located in the city of Chennai in eastern India. In a post on social media, the medical center says the use of the headset takes laparoscopy to a new “level.”

Doctors in India use Apple Vision Pro in surgery (Image: Romeo A./Unsplash)

Doctors in India use Apple Vision Pro in surgery (Image: Romeo A./Unsplash)

Photo: Canaltec

“This technique [usada durante a laparoscopia] The statement said it helps treat various conditions including gall bladder problems, stomach cancer, fistula and hernia.

ease of surgery

Among the benefits of using Apple Vision Pro is the ability to view images captured by surgical equipment, without having to constantly check the monitor. It also allows images to be superimposed, similar to a computed tomography examination.

“Another major advantage is the ergonomics and comfort of the surgeon,” P. Senthilnathan, director of GEM Hospital, said in a statement. After all, “the surgeon can move the head to any angle instead.” [precisar manter] A posture”, he adds. “Even in the case of robotic surgery, the surgeon has to bend”, he adds.

Below, see a showcase of surgeries performed in India:


It’s worth noting that, despite the newness of Apple Vision Pro, surgeries performed using mixed reality headsets have been around for a few years. In the case of Brazil, hey Canaltech The use of Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 during surgery has already been followed,

Source: GEM Hospital (Instagram) it is Chennai Press

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