Documentary on Kashogi’s death premiered in USA

Documentary on Kashogi's death premiered in USA

Documentary film “The dissident” It is related to the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashogi in 2019.

Last year’s Sundance ceremony in the United States proved to be a hit with audiences and critics for the first time.

Still not Streaming The Saudi Crown is committed to showing the film depicting the responsibility of Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the death of a journalist in Turkey.

“We see that when a lot of money, business interest, investment or whatever is at stake, the responsibility of shareholders becomes a win. As these companies grow, we see that the content they create Options continue to grow. Less risky, “says director Brian Fogel.

Director Brian Fogel is a famous documentary producer.

In 2017, he made the documentary “Icarus” Which addressed the issue of doping in cycling and was broadcast on the Netflix platform.

However, this time, the director had to turn to an independent distributor to release the film in theaters and on television platforms. Streaming Us the United States.

“Those people who are in places of power, with access to money and resources, if they are not interested in making a stand and violating human rights that I consider the good of the whole planet, I fear we all Will suffer and feel less secure ”, said the director.

Documentary film “The dissident” Was funded by the Human Rights Foundation.

The launch in Europe is scheduled for the coming months.

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