Does crime pay? Hacker returns stolen bitcoin, offers reward and job

Does crime pay?  Hacker returns stolen bitcoin, offers reward and job

A criminal who turns out to be a nice guy, as in the movie “Arrest Me If You Can” by heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio, the character played in movies is not very common in real life. But every once in a while it happens.

This is the case of the hacker who carried out the biggest cryptocurrency theft ever. They have just returned the last “tranche” of $600 million in cryptocurrencies withdrawn from the Poly Network.


Shortly after the robbery, the hacker known as Mr. White Hat confessed that he did it all for “fun” and began to return it in several installments. The latter was $141 million.

The company was so happy to recover the property that it rewarded the criminal’s good deed with a $500,000 payment and a job offer!

Well, according to the website Bleeping Computer, Polly Networks wants Mr. White Hat to become an employee of the company in the position of Chief Security Advisor. The company also said that it has no intention of holding the hacker legally responsible.

Is this the “technical version” of the DiCaprio movie or not? Also in an actual case, “criminal” Frank Abagnale Jr. played a bigger role: he was one of the biggest bank robbers in United States history, and was a commercial pilot and even an FBI agent. was presented as But he was eventually arrested and had to spend a tough time in jail until he got a job as a bank security consultant. Today he runs a company and is a millionaire.

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For now, no one knows the criminal’s reaction to Poly Network’s job offer, and has not commented on the $500,000 reward.

Will this story stop here? We keep track and let you know!

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