“Don’t forget leprosy” campaign is starting in the country from today

“Don’t forget leprosy” campaign is starting in the country from today

A silent, neglected disease whose condition has been aggravated by the effects of the epidemic, and which can cause physical disability. Caused by bacteria, leprosy is mainly characterized by lesions on the skin, on the extremities of the hands and feet, on the face, ears, back and feet, with loss of sensitivity to heat, touch, and pain. A disease that, despite medical advances, still affects thousands of people worldwide.

In 2019, WHO, the World Health Organization recorded more than 202,000 new cases of the disease. In Brazil alone, over the past 10 years, there were 312,000 diagnoses, which places the country second only to India in the ranking of leprosy.

Because of these worrying numbers, the Osvaldo Cruz Foundation signed in, fourth-FIIRA (17), a cooperation agreement to adhere to the global campaign “Don’t Forget Leprosy”, which aims to ensure early diagnosis, end the stigma surrounding the disease, and seek innovation in treatment.

This campaign, supported by WHO, brings together governments and organizations of many countries with the aim of maintaining mobilization against the disease in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

no rio of januaryThe Council, the State Secretariat and Municipal Health Secretariat, the Movement for the Reunification of People Affected by Leprosy and the Brazilian Dermatological Society, among other entities, support the initiative.

And, as a sign of society’s alertness to the subject, it was received by Castello da Fiocruz, north of Rio de Janeiro, one of the greatest symbols of Brazilian science. fourth (17) Violet light, leprosy warning color.

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