“Dreams on Ice”. Netflix’s new youth drama about two brothers with a dream – Culture

"Dreams on Ice".  Netflix's new youth drama about two brothers with a dream - Culture

Yet another series of youth plays can be seen on Netlix. It is called “Dreams on Ice” And follows the dilemmas of a talented skater, Kayla (played by the actress) Grace bidi), Who is forced to give up the dream of taking home with his family along with brother Mac (who is the actor) Dakota taylor Gives life to history) accepted into a professional hockey club.

Premiere on March 15, “Dreams on Ice” is a contrast to the lives of the two brothers. It is that Kayla had to leave the family when she went to Canada to the United Kingdom to fight for years with the aim of seeing it come true.

Although the focus of the series is the dramatic tension in which two young people will find themselves involved, the main vehicle is the game. “[A série] It is about two sports, but also about two young athletes who try to reach the impossible on the ice and understand what they have to give to get there ”, Tom, one of the Netflix series executive producers Compton explains, The interview.

But in addition to the game, cultural differences and possible feelings of non-belonging are also addressed to such a change in the lives of the main characters.

With only one season consisting of ten episodes of approximately 30 minutes, “Sonhos no Gello” is available solely on Netflix and appears on the list of most watched productions in Portugal. It is not yet known whether there will be a second season.

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Artists include names Jeremis Amore, Anastazi Chocolat, Leonardo font, Z ma I Sarah-Jane Potts.

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