Duna has already grossed US$76 million at the world box office.

Duna has already grossed US$76 million at the world box office.

Still far from debuting in the US – and in Brazil – the new version of danube already over $76 million Performed in its second week at the international box office [via Variety]. Shown in 32 countries, the feature grossed US$7.7 million in Russia and US$7.2 million in France, where it made its debut the week of 15 September.

other countries where danube Already on display include Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Iceland. In Brazil, the film opens only on October 14, and in the United States later, on the 22nd of the same month.

To reach the budget of the facility, however, Warner Bros. There’s still a long way to go, because adaptation led Denis Villeneuve It cost about $165 million to build.

in the new adaptation of danube, Paul Atreides (Timothy Chalameta) is an aristocrat whose family accepts to control the desert planet Arakis, a producer of a valuable resource and disputed by several noble families. He is forced to flee to the desert – with the help of his mother – and joins the nomadic tribes, eventually leading them because of his advanced psychic abilities.

book of frank herbert Known as one of the most complex works in science fiction history, and has already received a big screen adaptation directed by David Lynch, in 1984. In Brazil, franchise books danube Editora is published by Aleph.

danube premier 14 October 2021 in Brazilian cinemas and, according to the screening window, it should enter the HBO Max catalog 35 days later.

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