Earn Money Playing Games in Australia

The gaming industry has grown very large in recent times. This massive expansion has opened up many possibilities and opportunities for gamers as a whole. And while most people know how to play for fun, not too many know their way around making money playing games other than in casinos with 200 free spins no deposit in Australia. So, yes, you can monetize your gaming skill, as many already have. And usually, the question begging on the minds of many is how exactly do I make money playing games and how can I get started?

Fortunately, you’re at the right spot, as this article will explore in detail the various ways you can make money playing video games in Australia.

What Do You Need to Start Earn Money Playing Games Australia?

Usually, the idea in the minds of many is that you need to be an expert or pro player to start making real money playing games. And whilst you will earn more as a pro player, you can still get paid with novice/intermediate skills. So what do you need to get started? A little gaming experience, guidance on what you have to do, and a place to play, that should not necessarily be a reopened casino during an outbreak.

While the former depends on you, you will get proper guidance on how to start earning when you play games by the end of this piece. So without further ado, let’s explore these opportunities, one after another.

Play Video Games to Earn Them

Perhaps the most beginner-friendly way of monetizing your gaming skills is by exploring play-to-earn games. These are mostly video games and sorts that are built into apps by game developers and are accessible with smartphones. 

So how exactly do they work? Simple, these game apps are operated as advertisement portals. So while you are playing video games and earning points, you are exposed to some targeted ads. 

Ultimately, these points are redeemed into cash, and you get paid via certain transaction channels. In essence, you can get paid just by playing video games. 

This is mainly because the video game industry has become so big, hence, attracting a lot of advertisers and sponsorships. 

For better guidance, the following are some very reliable video game applications that you can explore to earn money playing games in Australia:


Mistplay is a central video game platform that is accessible to all players from Australia. The platform brings you an excellent opportunity to generate passive income by just playing your regular online poker and video games. You only need to gather enough points that you can exchange for real money.

Speaking of exchanging, any points you earn on the games can be redeemed for Amazon and iTunes gift cards, and even video game outlets like Xbox, etc. In addition, the following are examples of mobile games that are available on Mistplay:

  • Candy crush Saga;
  • Chess;
  • Wordscapes;
  • Solitaire; 
  • Pokemon, etc.
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These games are all entertaining and easily accessible to users from Australia and you won’t have to stress to get started.


SwagBucks is generally an online survey site, where brands and advertisers pay to have their products engaged and reviewed by real people. And one of the most engaging products on the platform is video games. 

Hence, Swagbucks pays you to explore your favorite online games. This happens when you make progress with these games and accumulate enough Swagbucks, which can be redeemed with gift cards and then to AU$.

Inbox Dollars

Inboxdollars is similar to Swagbucks. The platform also rewards users for testing and reviewing products from game developers. In other words, you must register with the site and explore its games. Then you will be required to make some reviews and reach certain levels to earn real money. Thereafter, your earnings are paid directly into your paypal, whenever you request payment. It is that easy. 

In addition, Inbox dollars features online game types like;

  • Action games;
  • Arcade;
  • Adventure;
  • Card games;
  • Strategy games, amongst others.

Are Play-To-Earn Sites the Best Way to Make Money From Games?

As mentioned earlier, the above platforms may be the easiest way to monetize your everyday gaming. However, they are not necessarily the most profitable and foolproof ways of making money from gaming. This is because some earn-to-play sites pay relatively low rates and can also be uncertain at times. 

Not to worry, the following paragraphs will expose some foolproof ways to earn money as a gamer in 2023. These endeavors depend more on your expertise and experience as a gamer, and less on the time you spend playing. So you will have to discover your strengths to get started.

Video Game Vlogging

Video game vlogging is essentially entertaining viewers with your gameplay. And thanks to many advanced vlogging platforms, you can earn a lot of money, playing video games and just entertaining others. This can be achieved in two major ways;


Pre-recording involves uploading already-made free games videos to your vlogging platform for views. And depending on the performance of these videos, you get paid accordingly. Over time, you can expand your portfolio by making adverts and affiliating with brands in the industry.


Streaming online games have recently become the most relevant way to entertain others while you play. It involves playing video games, whilst being connected to a live audience, who watch you for tutoring and entertainment. And you get paid depending on the number of live streamers you bring in, every session, which generates ad revenue. In further detail, the following are two of the most renowned vlogging platforms, with the most users and best revenue.

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Youtube is perhaps the best place to start uploading and streaming your games. The platform is both beginner-friendly and broad, with an average user score of 2.1 billion people, monthly. 

You only have to create a YouTube channel and start putting out good content. That way you gain viewers and subscribers, enough to make your channel valuable to the community. And once you are there, YouTube pays revenue for every view you get on your streams and uploads.

The average income for video game channels is roughly AU$ 4-6 per thousand views. Which isn’t poor, considering how competitive the video game industry is.


Twitch is specially designed to broadcast video games. The platform was founded in 2011 and has since become a major gaming community. In other words, Twitch is home to a large percentage of online gamers, currently. This is what makes it an excellent opportunity for people trying to monetize their gaming abilities. You can earn on Twitch from subscriptions and donation revenue, after you might have earned some followers. 

Reporting on Video Games

You can also become a video game journalist, using your knowledge and expertise in the field. This role doesn’t always require playing video games, but reporting and responding to updates in the field. 

In other words, your job as a video game journalist is also to write game reviews, report on video games, provide updates on major gaming tournaments, etc. Essentially, you are taking your knowledge of these games and putting them to good use.

Furthermore, you can get started as a video game journalist by freelancing, which is the easiest way to get in. 

You only have to identify gaming publications and online game providers to start. In all, you could generate as much as AU$ 30,000 per year, as a beginner, since you do not even have to be an expert.

Game Tutorials

Depending on how vast your experience with online games is, you can start hosting tutorials, for novice players who wish to learn. This can be done either by setting up classes in a physical location or hosting live sessions online. In other words, people would pay, to learn how to play video games from any player with good skill and technique. And you only have to take advantage of this demand, and sell yourself as an online games coach.

Also, instead of tutoring on several online games, you can decide to specialize on the ones in high demand. That is, the trending games, making rounds in the industry at every point in time. Specializing will not only help you brand yourself better but also connect you with your target audience.

In all, you can make as much as AU$ 30,000-80,000 per year, from just teaching the right people how to play games.

Tournament Prize Pools

Video game tournaments are another excellent opportunity to make money playing video games. These are competitions, hosted by gaming sites and major league gaming circuits, to promote entertainment. 

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Ultimately, you can win real money from these game tournaments by putting up one of the best performances. Furthermore, the following are examples of some platforms with the most profitable tournaments available to all Australian players. 


Valve is a renowned game developer, whose major projects are creating and hosting major international online tournaments. In 2022, Valve hosted the International Dota 2, and raked a 32.8 million dollar cumulative prize pool. However, tournaments like these are not hosted too often and are very competitive, featuring only the best of the best. Nevertheless, you can participate if you’re confident in your abilities. 

Game Champions 

Game champions is a more beginner-friendly platform where you can participate in frequent tournaments and make money playing some prominent games. And despite being restricted in some countries, GameChampions is open and welcoming to all Australians.

You only have to sign up on the platform and get matched with players of your same skill to begin. In all, GameChampions has reportedly paid out roughly AU$14 million in cash prizes and is a nice opportunity for players looking to win money by playing video games. 

Playing Video Games to Test Them 

Video games are developed in several processes, one of them being the quality control and testing phase. This is where the games go through some playtesting, in the hands of expert and experienced players. As such, testing games is another amazing opportunity for people who want to monetize their skills and experience in the gaming field.

Here, your job would be to critically examine the features of a game, and provide feedback to the developers. You only have to present and market yourself as such, and fetch offers from companies who need your services.

Other Options

In addition, you can work remotely as a freelancer, by seeking sites, developers, and companies that require your service online. Overall, testing games as an experienced player isn’t difficult to start and is a convenient and sure way of monetizing your expertise at gaming.

Crypto Gaming

Furthermore,  you can also make money playing video games by streaming on decentralized crypto platforms. This works either with NFTs or cryptocurrency, as you will receive tokens with the more exploits you make.

These tokens can then be swapped on major crypto exchanges, into fiat currency. Although crypto gaming isn’t a foolproof way to make money playing games, it is a growing endeavor that should be considered.


So there you go, enough guidance to start making money when you play video games. And provided you are diligent at the opportunities listed in this article, nothing is stopping you from monetizing your gaming skills and expertise.

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