Earth suddenly rotates rapidly – is the negative leap coming second?

Earth suddenly rotates rapidly - is the negative leap coming second?
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The moon actually breaks the earth, it rotates a little slower. But now researchers are reporting that 2020 was the lowest recorded day – and the second 27 days were too fast.

  • Different effects affect Adderotation outside. Really it will Earth Slow – due to mouth He slowed down.
  • but 2020 If the shortest day since the start of the measurement was recorded – a Negative leap secondThe
  • News from astronomy and Space exploration.

The movements of celestial bodies in the solar system determine the speed of life Earth Front. In Twenty four hours Turns Earth Once around you – a day lasts for 24 hours. 365 days As long as it takes Earth Once Sun It is a one-day period. But the movement of celestial bodies and our time is not as precise as it seems: the Earth needs exactly 365 days, five hours, 48 ​​minutes and 46 seconds to orbit the Sun. So that this inaccuracy can be replenished and prevented. Almanac Much more change, a leap day is added to the calendar every four years.

Earth’s rotation speed: 28 days in 2020 was very less

The same goes for them One day length: One Earth spin Doesn’t take at all 24 hours (86,400 seconds). The interactions between the Moon and Earth, but also earthquakes, weather patterns or movements in the Earth’s core can make the length of a day a little shorter or shorter. By 2016 Adderotation This kind of effect is slightly slower, which is sometimes Second leap Was balanced. But since then no leap seconds have been necessary: The Earth rotates a little faster.

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Earth rotates rapidly: Astronomers: measure the length of day

This is shown by measurements, for which astronomers aim at certain points in the sky and measure how long Earth spin lives. In Astronomical day length Comes with very accurate Atomic Watches Compared. Experts found that the Earth is inside Year 2020 Apparently spun particularly quickly. 28 days in 2020 Day length is measured Less than the previous record of 5 July 2005. At that time, day 1.0516 milliseconds was less than 86,400 seconds which is a The tag Officially exists.

Date (selected at random) Deviation for 24 hours
01.01.2020 +0.4379 milliseconds
15.02.2020 +0.5998 milliseconds
08.04.2020 +1.62 milliseconds – longest day of the year
Is 15.05.2020 +0.2619 milliseconds
Is 21.06.2020 -1.11 milliseconds – Record broken since 2005
19.07.2020 -1.46 milliseconds – new record: shortest day
01.09.2020 -0.9754 milliseconds
15.10.2020 +0.5909 milliseconds
20.11.2020 -0.2942 ml second
31.12.2020 -0.6531 ml second

Faster Earth Rotation: New Record – Shortest Day in 2020

Well there is one New record: 1.46 milliseconds was less than 86,400 seconds on July 19, 2020 which was theoretically one day. According to the International Service for the Earth’s Rotation and Reference System (IERS), another 27 days in 2020 were too short. IERS, whose central office is Frankfurt Is responsible for Adderotation To measure and calculate. He already announces half a year whether A. Second leap Should be inserted into Earth’s Rotation Fluctuations Balance.

For the next possible date, June 30, 2021, IERS has already announced That no leap seconds have been entered. Since the introduction of this system in 1972, 27 Positive leap seconds Inserted – but has never been one yet Negative leap second.

Fluctuations in the Earth’s rotation can make negative leap seconds necessary

This may change: IERS experts agree that Earth Should be slightly faster in 2021. It is estimated that in the current year, an average day can be as low as 86,400 seconds to 0.05 milliseconds. Over the course of a year, this increases to about 19 milliseconds – and may be one day Negative leap second Make necessary

Earth’s rotation fluctuations: 70 million years ago the day was 30 minutes less

Earth’s Rotation Fluctuations Are minimal and cannot be determined at all for humans without measurement. But a glance into the past shows what effects may have occurred for a very long time: 70 million years ago – around the time of the dinosaurs – it changed Earth Much faster than today. a The tag Then 23 hours and 31 minutes and one was included year Which included 372 days.

The main reason why the Earth is moving slowly since then Interaction between Earth and Moon: Moon slows you down Earth spin From It accelerates on its own and moves a little away from the earth every year. Why this Adderotation Something changes suddenly in 2020 ACCELERATED Not completely clear yet. It is suspected that the incident may be related to climate change, among other things. (Tanja banner)

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