Russia fined Google 98 million USD

Russia fined Google 98 million USD
Mumbai, December 24: The world’s largest multinational tech company Google is facing a major legal battle. A Moscow court has fined Google. A Moscow court on Friday fined Google heavily for its repeated failure to remove illegal content. Russian officerRussia fines Google) pressured Google over the content, but the court imposed a fine for non-compliance. According to the press service of the court, the American firm was fined 7.2 billion rubles (9.98 million, 86.86 million). Russia recently fined the world’s largest tech companies. These companies are being accused by Russia of not exercising proper control over their content. Similarly, these companies are interfering in the affairs of the country.
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However, Meta (Facebook), Google, (Meta (Facebook), Twitter, Google) and other foreign tech giants were fined not billions but millions. According to the Interfax news agency, the fine amount is based on a percentage of Google’s annual revenue.
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Metchi will also appear in court later on the same charge. The company has also been warned of revenue based penalties.

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