Elaborating on Sweet Tooth makes no sense to Netflix fans

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Netflix’s Sweet Tooth managed to do the impossible when its first season largely told an optimistic post-apocalyptic story.

But even though the series received extremely positive reviews (it’s certified “fresh” with a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes), there are parts of the story that may not matter to fans.

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Set 10 years after an event called the “Great Landslide”, Sweet Tooth follows a 10-year-old boy named Gus (Christian Convery) and his reluctant friend Jeppard (Nonso Enozzi), a former bounty hunter/football player, as they Cross the backdrop of the post-apocalypse in the United States in search of the boy’s mother.

Their journey is complicated by the fact that Gus is one of several hybrid children born at the same time a deadly virus ravaged the population.

Given the timing of the virus and the birth of half human/half animal babies, many believe that the babies are to blame, and are routinely chased by predators.

As a result, Gus is raised in the woods with none but his adoptive father Pabba (Will Forte) to care for him. This led to a certain naivete on his part, but some fans still feel that the boy is too impulsive and childish for his age.

On Reddit (via Looper), an Internet user was one of many fans who commented on Gus’ behavior during the first season.

“Well, I’m really glad a lot of people are saying Gus is dumb, I was worried about my girlfriend and I was alone in this, that’s unbelievable,” he commented.

“He’s so stupid, even for a 10-year-old.”

However, other fans were quick to defend Gus. After all he had lived his whole life in solitude, with only his paupa to guide him.

In addition, he was single for a full year before meeting Jep, which required a certain level of survival skills. Your biggest problem is communicating with others and trusting too easily, but both of these characteristics can be affected by your upbringing.

Likewise, children in general mature at different rates, so even if Gus is 10 years old, that doesn’t mean he’ll be as advanced as 10-year-olds who grew up in social settings and formal received education.

One Reddit user said: “Problem solving is taught in school, as is critical thinking. Impulsivity and communication are taught in school through socializing with peers.”

“Some 10-year-olds are not as mature as other 10-year-olds, even when their schooling is normal. I found it annoying but believable.”

So while it can be frustrating to see Gus risk everyone’s safety to search for his stuffed dog on a guarded train or cross a weak bridge, those things don’t mean he’s immature.

This is because he is still exploring the world and learning what risks can be taken.

In the end, the fan base seems to be a bit divided on how believable Gus’ personality is, but since his blind optimism is such an important part of the story, it’s hard to imagine him any other way.

But with the way season one ended, fans may wish to see a more mature, tougher Gus in Sweet Tooth season two.

The first season of Sweet Tooth in Brazil is now available on Netflix.

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