Elizabeth Moss and Gillian Anderson Falum Sober The Handmaid’s Tale

Elizabeth Moss and Gillian Anderson Falum Sober The Handmaid’s Tale

Gillian Anderson I Elizabeth Moss Meet virtually to talk about your characters. Anderson plays Margaret Thatcher Crown On Netflix and Osborne is in June story of the maidNo Hulu.

The actresses talked about building their characters and expectations for the future of the series.

Elizabeth Moss Explains to Gillian About Her Break In story of the maid To direct the recording of a feature. Moss began working towards his long-term future and stopped recording for the series. Hulu between March and September.

“It was interesting because, as a director, I had a round of preparation that you had for a feature. So I could look at all my plans and think what I am going to do”, the actress announced. story of the maid.

Anderson explained that he began producing Thatcher Crown Inside out, because I knew I would play it for a long time and there was no script. The actress read about Thatcher’s childhood and her entire life even before the “Iron Lady” joined the Conservative Party.

“I was very lucky, because at the same time I was doing research, there was a six-part documentary about him on the BBC, with behind the scenes stuff you don’t usually get to see,” Anderson he said. .

The actress said: “I think it started to change some people’s opinion about her a little bit, and it helped her see an element of humanity and have a little more compassion for her. So I started with wigs and makeup. Started with”, she said.

Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) in The Crown (Reproduction)

Gillian Anderson says her partner Peter Morgan, who created Crown, found some similarities between him and the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The actress admitted that she didn’t know him until she started doing research.

“It wasn’t until I was immersed in it that I understood why it made sense to play it. It was almost like a chemistry,” he declared.

Regarding governments in the United States, Gillian Anderson recalled that story of the maid It started with Trump becoming the President. star of x file Then asked Moss whether replacing Biden as the US presidency would affect the series.

Moss explained that the team is trying to take the series to a new location and fulfill some of the promises it has made in recent years. For the actress, it’s time to try to build a sense of hope and triumph, the possibility of victory and union. But “it’s still The Handmaid’s Tale, so there’s always something thrown at the fan,” added the actress.

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