Emma Corinne wasn’t trying to get into The Crown when she got the role.

Emma Corinne wasn't trying to get into The Crown when she got the role.

the winner of Golden Globe for her performance as Princess Diana in Crown, Emma Korin was not considered by Netflix To experience the iconic historical figure of England. in conversation with reggae-jean page (bridgerton) By VarietyThe actress claimed that she was called by the casting director to read Diana’s lines at auditions for other actresses trying out for the role of Camilla Shand.

To make things more interesting, Corinne decided to prepare for it as if it was a test”Really“”I worked on voice with my mother, who is a speech therapist. and then i remembered the lines”, said the actress. “And then I just had fun, I wasn’t doing anything at the time”, recalled Corinne, who in the midst of his passage through the series small quantity I Crown, only appeared in a minor role Miss Kranti.

fourth season of Crown Brings historical figures like Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) and Princess Diana (Emma Corinne) and her representation in Britain, particularly the Princess of Wales.

the four seasons of Crown are available on netflix.

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