Emmerdale updates fans on the DI Malone probe

Emmerdale updates fans on the DI Malone probe

Emmerdale Disorders

Emmerdale Fans have been given a major update in the investigation into DI Malone’s death.

In tonight’s scene (September 8), a worried Harriet Dawn is taken to the police station and later arrested last week on charges of assaulting Mina.

Shortly after Dawn caught her ex-boyfriend Billy kissing her, new ones came over her head.

Dawn hesitantly breaks things up with Billy because she doesn’t want him involved in her killer’s secrets, but their breakup has been difficult to justify.


In a surprise visit to Dawn at work, Billy explained that, despite his kiss with Mina last week, he wanted to rekindle his relationship with her and did not understand why they could not get back together.

Their difficult conversation was interrupted when police arrived to arrest Dawn.

Looking into the distance after Dawn was taken into custody, Harriet became concerned that her arrest had something to do with DI Malone’s murder, but was later relieved to find out. Just To attack Mina

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While at the police station, Harriet spoke to a friend in the force who revealed that Malone was missing (police are still unaware that he is dead), so no clue has been found.

Harriet was released in the hope that he and Don might have survived the murder, but is it a matter of time before the truth is known?

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Last week, fans found that Dawn and Harriet had successfully hidden Malone’s body in a recently excavated grave in a local cemetery.

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Emmerdale It currently airs on ITV on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7 p.m.

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