Enel recognized as one of the 25 ‘Corporate Startup Stars’ in 2021

Enel recognized as one of the 25 'Corporate Startup Stars' in 2021


The company was named among the 25 most active companies to work with startups under the Corporate Startup Stars Awards 2021

Enel was recognized as one of the 25 companies most actively working with startups by this year’s Corporate Startup Stars Awards as part of the European Commission’s Startup Europe Partnership initiative in 2016 by Mind the Bridge. The prestigious annual ranking was launched as part of, and was conducted globally in 2020. For partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Named by Startup itself as one of the most proactive and supportive corporations in working with small businesses, the company also received the Corporate Startup Procurement Award for the fifth year in a row, which recognizes actions that result in long-term relationships and work. has effect. Done with the startup in the normal business of the company. The company’s core areas of work with startups include energy storage, big data, energy management, smart home, electric mobility, IoT, predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence, smart technology, fintech and robotics.

In order to discover the best and most relevant startups for your business, Enel built a global network of 10 innovation hubs that span Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), Chile (Santiago), Israel (Tel Aviv), Italy (Milan, Catania). ) are situated. , Pisa), Russia (Moscow), Spain (Madrid) and the United States (Boston, San Francisco). Enel opened its first innovation center in Tel Aviv in 2016 and has since evaluated more than 11,000 startups globally, launched more than 450 startup projects and scaled more than 110 solutions.

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Companies that receive the Corporate Startup Stars Award are those that have managed to establish the most successful and mutually beneficial partnerships with startups, whether through acquisitions, licensing, partnerships, accelerators, direct investments, acquisitions or other specialized programs. Ho.

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