Epic game launcher Ryzen increases CPU temperature when it should be idle

Epic game launcher Ryzen increases CPU temperature when it should be idle

Test shows extend to 20ºC and occur intermittently with servers

People who are enjoying the game Daily free Epic game shop For December you may need to be aware to remember to turn off the launcher after activating each game. This is because after users report reddit, O Hothardware Proved that the app is Operating The processor Ryzen Even when it should be waste. Users report increases 20C at temperature Tax Cpu Just having Epic Games store open, nothing.

The EGS app is closed on the left and open on the right (Playback / HotHardware)

Investigation of the site revealed that the app actually showed that the app needed some cores The processor And makes them work, even if, theoretically, they are doing nothing. No game is open, nor is the update being downloaded. The application must be inactive, but it uses the core The processor.

Taking advantage of a battery of tests, HotHardware employees decided to test how the computer’s data communication is used with the open EGS launcher, which uses a well-known application Glasswire. It was found that the application communicates at random time intervals with 22 different servers.

A game launcher communicating with its server is nothing new, Steam does that too. But the site that has been noticed is that within an hour Epic Games Launcher sent over 514kb of data to its servers. This is 14 times more than the experience of Steam and Nvidia GeForce and shipped at the same time.

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There is no confirmation that it is communication that raises the temperature of the processor – not least because it would be hard to imagine that it would increase to 20 processorC just to communicate quickly with the server.

Hothardware predicts that it may be a mixture of this communication Poor adaptation And sloppy programming. Reddit people are already more prone to conspiracy theories and raise the possibility that Epic is using a processor Digging Of cryptocurrency. The company has not yet officially commented on the matter.

Source: reddit, Hothardware

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