Esperidio Amin advocates greater reciprocity between Brazil and the US on visa issues – Senado Noticias

Esperidio Amin advocates greater reciprocity between Brazil and the US on visa issues - Senado Noticias

Speaking on Tuesday (21), Senator Esperidio Amin (PP-SC) proposed that the Senate Foreign Relations and National Defense Committee (CRE) discuss the lack of reciprocity between Brazil and the United States on the issue of visas. Promotes a public hearing. He added that, while US citizens can freely enter our territory as tourists, Brazilians require a visa to enter the United States.

The senator said the situation becomes more serious for those who do not have a visa or need to renew it. He cited information that, in these cases, Brazilians have to wait about a year to be received at the US consulate in So Paulo, with other cities having similar or longer deadlines – despite the announcement that Brazilian tourists will be able to enter the United States from November, provided they are adults and have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Ministers of Tourism and Foreign Affairs are required to be present at this hearing to know what action we can take. At the very least, we can seek a dialogue that makes it more fair, one that brings us closer to the reciprocity that would be fair between sovereign countries.

For Esperidião Amin, the national Congress and the government cannot remain silent about this situation, not only to help Brazilian tourists, but also in favor of those who intend to visit with family members or on business. Huh.

Agência Senado (authorized reproduction on quote from Agência Senado)

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