EU and UK negotiating memorandum on financial services

It is very important for regulators to share understanding of the problems as they are working. Multinational companies, It is therefore important to share good practices and draw attention to the risks involved. We are discussing an MoU that will allow us to cooperate. We doWith you America And we want the same with the UK, ”he said.

João Valle de Almeida made the announcement during a lecture titled ‘Future relations between UK and EU’ organized by Center for Orthodox Studies BritUnicorn bright blue.

Regardless of position – ‘Trade and Cooperation Agreement’BrexiGuaranteed mutual use in markets without quota or tariffs for products, one of the financial services excluded Sectors The most important in the United Kingdom, represents about 10% of GDP (Start) And 2.3 million jobs.

Portuguese diplomat recalled that the agreement allows financial institutions BritaUnique Operations in Europe through the establishment of subsidiaries and the European Union have assigned the United Kingdom equivalent for two Activities, Clearing and centralized securities system Depository) is.

“It is a myth that there is nothing in financial terms in this agreement. (…) We are working on other counterparts and they will arrive when conditions exist. This is not a punishment, it is waiting for more elements. a matter of.”

Done ‘Brexi‘, Even though it was “painful”, Valle de Almeida said that it was “time to move forward, bend the page and build a virtuous circle. In the relationship between 27 and the United Kingdom, remembering that Both share the core values ​​of democracy, defending an international order based on respect rules, by the rule of law and human rights.

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European Ambassador said that Brussels wants to cooperate with LondonArea On the issue of recovery of G7 Universal epidemic Kovid-19 and the COP26 summit to combat climate change, which the United Kingdom this year and it has collaborated with the United States in the reform of the World Trade Organization (OMC) is.

“The WTO is blocked because in large part America, But not only, it is in dire need of improvement and mobility. If we join the effort, America, EU and UK, we can do a lot to adapt and improve OMC On The direction He serves our interests.

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