EU / Presidency: Santos Silva leads 27th debate today on trade policy review

EU / Presidency: Santos Silva leads 27th debate today on trade policy review

Foreign Affairs Minister Augusto Santos Silva held the first debate among member states from Brussels today on a proposal to revise the European Union (EU) trade policy presented by the European Commission last month.

Santos Silva, who directs the work of the Council of Foreign Affairs in the aspect of trade during the current semester of the Portuguese presidency of the European Union Council – is the responsibility of Foreign Policy High Representative Joseph Borel – for the first exchange of marks Invited 27. See the communication published by the Community Executive on 18 February about the review of the European Union’s trade policy, via videoconferencing.

In the invitation letter addressed to the capitals to which Lusa had access, the Minister of State and Foreign Minister note that, although the Council’s conclusion regarding the communication is only appropriate for the May 20 meeting, it would consider it on the occasion Hai is to have an informal exchange of ideas at this level ”with the presence of the Chairman of the Commission responsible for Waldis Dombrovsky, Executive Vice-President of the Department of Commerce, among 27.

“This debate will guide the complementary work to be done at the council level from the point of view of completion”, explains Santos Silva, who proposes to “structure the discussion into two large blocks”, namely “general context and Principle. Review of policy “Commercial” and “Medium term direction” “.

Regarding the first bloc, the heads of Portuguese diplomacy want to know if the member states “agree with the diagnosis made by the Commission about the challenges, present and future, facing the EU’s trade policy”.

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Along with the second major debate block, Santos Silva wants to know whether he agrees to the objectives outlined by the 27 Commission and the goals to be achieved during his tenure (2019-2024) to know his views on trade policy. Can contribute to The green and digital transition, and whether member countries agree with Brussels’ proposals for reform of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

This Foreign Affairs Council on Trade will be held by videoconferencing at 10:00 am (09:00 am Lisbon), as has been the case with the overwhelming majority of EU ministerial meetings since almost a year ago. Kovid-19 epidemic. Europe has collided, but will be headed to Brussels by Minister Santos Silva, who will hold a press conference with Valdis Dombrowski at the end of the work.

On 18 February, the European Commission presented its strategy to renew the European Union’s trade policy, making it “more open, sustainable and articulate” toward the main trading partners, China and the United States.

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