Eva Wilma auditioned for Hitchcock and fought in Portuguese with the director – 05/16/2021

Eva Wilma auditioned for Hitchcock and fought in Portuguese with the director - 05/16/2021

Eva Wilma, what Died yesterday, victim of ovarian cancer, Producing a spectacular trajectory on TV and on the Brazilian stage. And she came close to working with Alfred Hitchcock (1819-1980), the master of mystery in theaters. But his tests ended in disagreement with the filmmaker.

The actress narrated the case last year in “Conversa com Bial”. It all started when he was approached by an agent during a lunch at Universal Studios in the United States.

“He came to ask me if he could snap me, because Hitchcock was looking for a Latin American actress to play the role of Cuba in a very important film,” he recalled. The role under consideration for the film “Topazio” (1969) was that of Juanita.

Juanita’s role in ‘Topazio’ (1969) ended with German Karin Doré

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Eva was photographed and returned to Brazil, where she waited for an answer. She came, and it was positive: Hitchcock wanted her to audition for the role. “I went to Hollywood the next day,” he recalled.

The actress was worried before meeting the filmmaker:

In the studio, Hitchcock had a home to himself and looked like a horror movie house. I was also scared thinking about meeting him.

The actress recalled that, prior to her first audition, she had heard Hitchcock playing applause as soon as she entered the studio. “He was extremely vain and had the ‘pleasure of evil’ (laughs)”.

Eva performed a total of three tests. In the end, she spoke directly to the director, which happened when they were out. “He was sitting very close to the camera, asking me questions and he wanted me to improve the answers well, which was the hardest,” he said.

I remember he said to me: ‘You are trying to annoy me by speaking in a language other than your language, speaking in your language, speaking in Portuguese.

This is what he did. Finally, German actress Karin Dore played the role. “My consolation, is that ‘Topazio’ was not one of Hitchcock’s good films. I saw it and said to myself: ‘That role was not for me’. But it was to conform myself, because I wanted to do Was “, to end.

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