Even with 1.3 million vaccinations, the UK has restrictions to include Kovid-19

The country crossed the 60 thousand daily pollution mark for the first time since the epidemic started.

EFE / EPA / NEIL HALL – 05/01/2021According to official estimates, one in 50 people in England tested positive for the disease last week.

My first participation in the program in 2021 is not from London, as I normally do. I came in early december South america On a radio vacation, but it was actually a business trip to shoot a documentary. A new change in later weeks Coronavirus And all the travel restrictions that you already know have been exposed. Which means if no one comes by plane England Here, he does not even return from there. And with that, my flight home has already been canceled twice by the airline. The next attempt is now on Sunday, 10. A flight that was diverted Spain.

But it is one of the bus for anyone trying to re-enter England. The country is also programming new restrictions and requirements, such as the Kovid-19 PCR exam, for example – something that has not yet been implemented. The situation in England is very worrying and uncertainties are as sharp as new cases. Only on tuesday 5 The uk This was more than 60,000 daily contamination by Kovid-19 for the first time since the epidemic. According to official estimates, one in 50 people in England tested positive for the disease last week.

In London, the figure gives birth to one in 30 people. On Tuesday, around 830 deaths were confirmed from Kovid-19, which makes the English winter fogier than usual – much foggy. The country tries to build on the positive fact that more than 1.3 million people have already been vaccinated. It is more than total inoculated across Europe. By comparison, as of yesterday, Germany had vaccinated only 265,000 people. The British conservative government expects 13 million people to be vaccinated by mid-February. It will represent the total number of people over the age of 70 and all health professionals.

Nevertheless, Prime Minister himself Boris Johnson It accepts that it will be too long before the results are visible. This is why the United Kingdom, a country that is distributing Vaccines Free and fast for the population, entered its third Lockdown. After all, today, coronovirus is the only proven effective method of reducing circulation Social distancing serious.

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