Everton 1-0 Chelsea: Final | The toffees got a solid victory

Everton 1-0 Chelsea: Final |  The toffees got a solid victory

Full time views – Solid performance from Everton today. Yet some of the mistakes they were lucky not to be punished for, but overall they were very organized and determined today and deserved to win. While more terror is still waiting, these are the three most valuable points in the bag,

Final statistics
Premier League

Player performance

90 + 5 ‘- The Last Whistle! Everton won 1-0. What a strong performance by Toffees in battle!

90 + 3 ‘- Interestingly, Kenny replaced Richardson on the left.

90 + 1 ‘- This will take five minutes, and Pickford works very well on clearing a corner. Everton breaks and Gomez wins a corner to the left. Is taken short and Kenny is called offside.

90 ‘- Everton’s two changes have been the same as before, maintaining a 4-2-3-1 formation.
The last change was made, and Jonjo Kenny is for Richardson.

86 ‘- Ritchie wins a free kick from a hopeful position, but Gomez lowers the free kick and clears it easily.
Now Gomez took one corner .. too low and left behind for another corner.
Gomez again, cleared, then gets a cross but it goes out for a goal.

83 ‘- Ancelotti’s first replacement will be Andre Gomez’s goal scorer Sigurdsson.
The ball from the bottom right of the box eventually knocks Keane out, but Giroud knocks it out.

79 ‘- Keane with another spectacular barrier, gives a corner. Deep and clear.
Now James has been betrayed just outside the box to the right of Docor and Everton. Good opportunity for visitors, Mount, Chillwell and James all roam .. Mount took it to a distant post, Pickford beat it and it went out of the post! Pickford again made a terrible mistake in positioning when he took two wrong steps.

77 ‘- Elvaton looks very dangerous when he breaks down as Chelsea leave big holes in the back. However, the last ball is missing for the toffees.

73 ‘- Everton try to stop the ball whenever he wins, his legs are tired and no one is in the mood for immediate counter-attack.

68 ‘- Oh Iwobi. His cross was terrible last weekend and now he raises the ball well from a dangerous position.
Needless to say, Michael Keane is a mountain to the left of the defense. Has knocked out and crossed all the games so far.

65 ‘- Thiago Silva now sues DCL for removal. Richardson twists and turns and is able to win the left corner.
Sig Insinger is clear and Chelsea’s ball is back.

63 ‘- Penalty! DCL again! Toffees breaks the counter with Ewobi, he plays DCL which cuts into the box and is pulled down by Chillwell. Moss points to opportunity!
No, no penalty, VAR says DCL is trivial. Boomer

59 ‘- James connects to the fork in the book in which Elon is challenged. None of his first games.

54 ‘- Everton catch the ball in Chelsea’s half and win a free kick on the left. Sigurdsson goes for the goal and it’s not too far. Mandy was hoping to bring it in indirectly and he was beaten. Oh!

52 ‘- A quick break from the blues, Sigi meets Ritchie whose cross / shot is deflected by Mandy. The Blues finally wins a corner for Sig that clears Zuma.
Sig crosses back and is going to stone DCL. Minna slams in front of him and lifts his head. Off.

50 ‘- Chelsea close for a better start in the second half, putting pressure on the Toffees as they did before the break.

Halftime views – Taffy led 1-0 with a disciplinary performance here at Goodison, defeating Chelsea and bowling well.

Half-time statistics
Premier League

Player performance

45 + 2 ‘- Probably! Ref takes advantage of Ellen’s downfall, and finds Ewobi Sigurdsson with a cutback but can’t get the right shot. DCL had the opportunity to shoot from a distance but gave it to Ewobi to cross-in.

45 ‘- Chelsea are overloading except for Everton where Godfrey has performed so far, but James is surpassing many. Like Seamus Coleman, they differ in quality.
There will be three times the minutes involved.

41 ‘- More plays! Long ball in Everton box, Mason Mount knocks Mina into Pickford who comes out to get it and the goalie falls down! John Moss has not seen it and, before the blues clear, signals to continue the game.

40 ‘- DCL did well to win the ball on the right, looking for Ewobi Sigurdsson to take it to Richardson in space. The Brazilian doesn’t get enough strength on his shot again and Mandy can be ready to save it.

37 ‘- Kovacic finds Werner in the box but Holgate performs well in tracking the striker and reduces him enough to finish a shot.

34 ‘- Godfrey with a long backpass and Pickford slippery !! He manages to heal and clean the hooves, but looks a little uncomfortable. That boy

31 ‘- Some fouls here have slightly raised the temperature, although Everton are maintaining the size and discipline of their defense.

28 ‘- Ellen kicks Hawartz out on the right. Chillwell is led by Inswinger Giroud and Zuma’s snapshot is directly at Pickford which is gratefully collected. Still.
James goes on a stand-up at Godfrey and is liked by 2,000 Everton fans, but no bookings.

25 ‘- Richardson wipes his man in the middle (also booked) and Chelsea gets a dangerous free kick from about 30 yards out. James takes it, Pickford crosses it into a corner.
The corner is half cleared, James shoots from outside the box and Pickford pulls it to the post, the ball crosses the goal face and goes out for a corner on the other side, which is then cleared. Goes. Whew.

21 ‘- Dominic Calvert-Levine and Moss point to penalty spot in Edward Mandy Bio! Jordan Pickford’s long ball is controlled by DCL and the goal runs and equalizes it!
To get Sigurdsson .. Roll it into the trap! 1-0 Everton! Richardson wanted to take it very seriously, and Allen had to guide him from the spot. Icelander was waiting for Mandy to go to the right, and went to the other side.

18 ‘- Kai Hewartz foils Richardson in a brilliant left position. In the box, Sigurdsson came to get Mandy and Reese fell from James with a strange fall. He woke up a few minutes later, looking a little airy.

13 ‘- Chelsea currently own midfield, Everton are showing good energy and organizational defense.

9 ‘- Everton win their first corner before fork. In the box, Sigurdsson, Jerry Mina climbs the most, but well.

7 ‘- Richardson twists the fork and enters the box with the ball at his feet, but his shot fails and Mandy escapes.

3 ‘- Chelsea break down fast, and Ben Godfrey did well to stop Reese James on a corner. Visitors take it short and Mason Mount is called Offside.

2 ‘- It looks more like a 4-2-2-2 than a 4-2-2-2, in the role of # 10 with captain Galfi Sigurdsson.

1 ‘- Here we go, the visitors to Goodison Park have earned us.

Lineups – Pete saw something in a training video yesterday – The Blues lined up Pickford; Holgate, Mina, Keane, Godfrey; Ewobi, Docour, Alan, Sigurdsson; DCL, Richardson 11v11 for training practice, and guess what. At his top is captain Jelfie Sigurdsson.

Everton have won just one of their last six matches but are facing a confident Chelsea side who are third in the table and leading the way. Champions League.

The Toffees are happy with the hot start to the season, but their numbers have skyrocketed as a result of injuries and suspensions. With their first-choice XI in their day in the Premier League, the Blues can pose a formidable challenge to almost every side, but at the moment find yourself flagged with bad confidence when the campaign’s gruesome slate is real. Is going to be challenging. Upcoming opponents – Four of their next six opponents are in the top seven of the league while Everton themselves are in ninth place.

Opponents Chelsea, on the other hand, are confident – the only points in the last five games they have drawn against league leaders. Tottenham Hotspur And Frank Lampard has the luxury of moving his team back to play better.

Competition: Premier League Match Day 12

Date and start time: Saturday, December 12 at 12:00 noon PT / 3:00 pm ET / 8:00 pm BST

Stadium: Goodison Park, Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Capacity: 39,572 [approx 2,000 for COVID regulations]

Weather: 46 ° F / 8 C, Overcast, 4% chance of cloud cover, Winds at 9 mph

TV: Peacock – United States; BT Support 1, BT Support Ultimate United Kingdom; DJN – Canada, Bean Sports HD 1 & 2, Supersport Premier League ROA, Supersport Maximo, RMC Sport 1, Canal + Sport 3 Africa

Radio: Evertontov, TalkSport Radio UK, SiriusXM FC

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Early XI: Pickford, Holgate, Mina, Keane, Godfrey, Ewobi, Allen, Dockour, Sigurdsson, Richardson, Calvert-Levin

Subs: Olson, Kenny, Gomez, Davis, Bernard, Gordon, Tosan


The beginning of the XI

Subs: Kepa, Rudiger, Azpilicuita, Gilmore, Jorginho, Anjorin, Abraham


Reference: Jonathan Moss Wa: More Mariners

Chelsea beat former manager Carlo Ancelotti 4-0 at Everton on their first return from Stamford Bridge as the Toffees put in another flat, lifeless performance to close out the 2019-20 season. In a calendar year ago, the good news was the exact opposite of the 3-1 victory when the people of London last visited Goodison, with interim manager Duncan Ferguson roaring and punching the toffees and praising the whole house. The return of the fans to the stadium, even though it is only 2,000 Vedas, requires a long journey to revive the players, we hope.

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