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Based on Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, the film stars Max Harwood and Richard E. Grant.

Fortunately, cinema is gaining more and more LGBTQIA+ representation, with films of various genres to celebrate this diversity. Already full of hits, the Amazon Prime Video catalog promises to bring yet another amazing film in the genre, which is an astonishing true story. It’s Everyone Talking About Jamie, a musical inspired by the play of the same name, has become a popularity phenomenon in England. Therefore i love cinema brings you some reasons to convince you not to miss this release:

There’s a True Story Everyone’s Talking About Jamie

Actually, the movie everyone is talking about jamie Inspired by Documentary (Originally) Jamie: Drag Queen at 16. Produced by BBC Three, it follows the journey of Jamie, a British boy who, in addition to pursuing a career in this universe, decides to become a drag queen for his high school prom. All this happened when he was just 16 years old, with the support of his mother and friends.

From there, their story culminated in the play West End, which received five Olivier Award nominations. Since then, the show has received versions in South Korea and Japan, and will soon be coming to the United States. Well-known names in the drag universe such as Bianca Del Rio and Michelle Visage have already participated in the show. Jamie’s interpreters in the play, such as John McCrea and Layton Williams, make special appearances in the film.

Everyone is talking about Jamie’s songs.

Like every good music worth its salt, everyone is talking about jamie Has a killer soundtrack. Unlike the recent Cinderella release, the film still features the original songs from the play, rather than just investing in previously known hits. While fans of the original work can rest assured that most of the songs are, novice viewers can enjoy many of the tracks in the pop genre. Written by Dan Gillespie Sales and Tom McRae, they range from more upbeat songs like “Don’t Even Know It” to ballads like “Hey My Boy.” However, the film has a new feature: “This Was Me”, which deepens the story of the character of Jamie’s mentor, Hugo.

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Everyone’s Talking About Jamie Starring Richard E. Grant

Speaking of Hugo Battersby – or rather, Coco Chanel, Richard E. Don’t forget to mention Grant, who plays the beloved character everyone is talking about jamie. Recently, the actor won a large audience living in the Loki classic in the Loki series produced by Marvel Studios, but he is already a veteran of the artistic world. Can you forget me? He also received an Oscar nomination for starring alongside Melissa McCarthy.

The process of her transformation into Coco Chanel took two and a half hours and was something that delighted E. Grant: “Climbing on those heels changed me. At that height, you feel empowered. It’s bizarre. I was inspired by a drag artist from England named David David Hoyle. He was absolutely brilliant and incredibly vulnerable. He went through the AIDS epidemic in the 80s and 90s, his life experience helped me find the tone of the character Plus I ran an 11-season marathon RuPaul’s Drag Race In three weeks,” he told Looper.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is a Representative Show

Finally, everyone is talking about jamie It also celebrates diversity in its artists. Jamie New is a gay character who has no problem celebrating his sexuality, as does his interpreter Max Harwood. Nayak overcomes school bullying and his own father’s prejudices. Also, the film replaces the Muslim act with Jamie’s best friend Preeti, played by Lauren Patel. In the quest for understanding and equality, it is necessary to include characters from different castes and communities, isn’t it? Everyone’s Talking About Jamie Hits the Amazon Prime Video Catalog From 17 September.

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