Everything we already know about the film

Everything we already know about the film

Released in 2019, the first film of Shazam! came as a breath of freshness for dc expanded universe, giving fans a lighter, more relaxing adventure. After a while we saw that young man billy batson get magical powers and become powerful Shazam, while facing powerful enemies like doctor sewn And this seven Deadly Sins.

Although it was not a massive hit at the box office, the first feature made a modest amount for it. DC It is on Warner, so a continuation has already been confirmed dc fandom Last year – and it’s being recorded right now. So here are all the details, announcements and news that we already know about Shazam!: Fury of the Gods, this hero’s next film so unusual!

What do we already know about the conspiracy

the name of the second movie will be Shazam! fury of the gods, which means in free translation “Shazam! The Fury of the Gods”. With that, we can imagine that the deity empowering the character would be furious about something – most likely, by the way. billy batson Use your gifts for fun. However, from the details revealed in the plot, it seems that the condition of the hero is bad.

we know that Asher Angel I Zachary Levick will return to play the protagonist (Usher as Billy, Zachary as Shazam), and according to new behind-the-scenes footage, we may see the character get a visual treatment, a new ensemble comic book. will be very close to. The lightning bolt on her chest has changed, her outfit has more texture and even the cape has been modified to give Shazam a more “heroic” look.

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As far as the villains are concerned, we will have a real bunch of new rivals for the hero. Helen Mirren I Lucy Liu confirmed as Wait I calypso, respectively, two characters who do not appear in the comics, but who must fulfill the roles of daughters in the film Atlas, one of the gods who empowered Shazam. New villains are still expected to be confirmed.

Shazam family will have a new look Shazam! fury of the gods

significant return

Apart from Billy Batson himself, the entire shazam family Will be back — and that’s great, considering Billy’s adoptive family is one of the highlights of the original film. Next, we will have Jack Dylan Grazerhandjob Ian Chenowhandjob Faith Herman I jovan armando back to the roles of Freddy, Eugenehandjob Pedro I DarlaJust like the first movie.

And they must also return with their heroic versions, which (respectively) remain Adam Brodyhandjob Ross Butler, dj kotrone I Megan Good. and this time, grace fulton Both the “normal” version and the heroic version will do Mary Marvel. Recently, the director of the film shared an image showing the new looks of the heroes, who also changed their look in their new outfit to match Billy.

Billy’s parents and other children are also expected, in the order: Rosa and Victor Vasquez should be reinterpreted by Marta Milanso I Cooper Andrews. On the other hand, don’t expect to see Dr. Silvana, let’s say mark strong confirmed that he will not return in the sequel. we don’t even know shazam magician, whose explanation. was done by Djimon Honsou In the first film, it would have to return for the sequel.

Relationship with Black Adam?

although Warner It is on dc comics Moving increasingly away from the idea of ​​a “shared universe” as it was originally planned, we can see that it has one or more cohesive nuclei. dc expanded universe, I Shazam! seems to be one of those cores, especially with the film black adam along the way, which could end up resulting in a big foreigner no future.

For now, there is no information that Adão Negro (explained by) Dwayne The Rock Johnson) appears in the film, but it wouldn’t be too hard to see, especially if it opens the door to an encounter between two characters in a sequel—and it’s worth remembering that, in the comics, Black Adam is Shazam’s biggest rival. , almost always causes trouble for the protagonist.

At the same time, we must not disregard the participation of Shazam What should come out in Adão Negro’s solo film July 2022 in the United States of America. It will be very interesting to see the franchise of two characters giving clues about the existence of the other and indicating an imminent confrontation between the two. And who knows, we might still have Shazam included justice society

production details

Like the first movie, fury of the gods is driven by David F. sandberg, a director known for his work with horror films (has directed) when the light goes out I Annabelle 2: Evil Creation) The filmmaker returns with a very familiar team, as will the producers of the sequel. Peter Safran I Geoff Johns, who also supervised the production of the original.

script is from Henry Gayden And the only significant change in the technical team is the direction of photography, which was for this time Gyula neighborhood (responsible for cinematography) Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) has been filming in Georgia since last month. As of now, we already have some behind the scenes scenes, but nothing that compromises the plot of the film.

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The film was officially announced dc fandom From last year, accompanied by an illustrated poster to reveal the production’s title. We still do not know whether the film will feature post-credits visual elements of the original film, indicating that Mr Brain It is on monster society They will be the antagonist of the hero at some point in their franchise.

When does it debut?

Originally, the film was supposed to release on the same day. 1 April 2022, before the COVID-19 pandemic caused a series of delays and delays in many Hollywood productions. Later, the film was pushed to the end 4 November 2022, It is on Warner It looked like he was hoping to be able to set a full schedule without delay.

However, the film had to be postponed again and now, its release date has been confirmed. 2 June 2023, in the United States. so it will be released after solo film black adam And the plot should continue with a good amount of space since the release of the original. We still don’t know when the first one should come out trailer, even more so keeping in mind that it’s two years away from its release.

Shazam! fury of the gods ready to hit the theaters June 2023.

Below, see 10 questions that Shazam! leaves for the future dc expanded universe:

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