F1 boss comment on new season and future of ‘Drive to Survive’

F1 boss comment on new season and future of 'Drive to Survive'

Since 2018, Netflix has been documenting the year of F1 and at the end of each season the American company releases ten episodes of the year’s best moments and stories in Formula 1 and this time everyone is very excited to see backstage. Best season in the category of the century.

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The arrivals in Formula 1 of the positive side of the series are many, in the United States, in the country of the Netflix company, the demand for the category has increased greatly and this F1 season will have two races on the calendar in the country. The category’s executive director Stefano Domenicali acknowledged the importance the series has in the continued development of the sport, and revealed that this new season shows the great sides of the feud between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

– No doubt ‘Drive to Survive’ It had an incredible impact, especially on new audiences, and also in other markets such as the United States. And it will continue, and I can just hope you stay on the show, because I got to see it and this new season is going to be great with the right tone. And as you can imagine, there will be a lot of action in what happened last year – the F1 boss said.

The new season launches this Friday (11) – Photo: Netflix

But despite the large numbers in recent years, the Italian boss does not guarantee a long future for the series. Stefano wants F1 to continue to benefit, but the manager plans a change of direction if he changes.

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– I think it’s important for us to ‘Drive to Survive’ with our friends on Netflix until we believe it’s making a difference. If this turns out to be a different way of talking about Formula 1 or something without giving the category some added value, then it may be better to renegotiate with Netflix and potential other partners and see if there is a need for something different in the future. What are the prospects – commented the directors of the company F1.

However, this platform has played a vital role in growing with the new generation and growing with the new audience. And for that we have to thank you for the vision, for the process and for the quality, which has been very, very, good – praised the F1 boss.

The fourth season will premiere this Friday (11) when the second and final Test series of F1’s pre-season also begins in Bahrain. The season is starting from March 20.

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