Fabiana Carla and Lucy Ramos perform “Lucicride Vie Pra Mart” live this Thursday; know more!

Fabiana Carla and Lucy Ramos perform "Lucicride Vie Pra Mart" live this Thursday;  know more!

Fabiana Karla I Lucy Ramos This Thursday, March 4, a special live to talk more about the film “Lucuerside Goes to Mars”. Transmission will take place Official instagram of Globo Films, From 18h, and the actresses will tell backstage stories and curiosities for filming the production.

Directed by Rodrigo Cesare, “Lucuerside Goes to Mars” These were scenes shot at NASA in the United States, and lead to theaters in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Salvador and Recife on the same day of live chat.

“Lucicidal’s house turns into hell after the arrival of his mother-in-law, who is evicted, decides to live there. Abandoned by her husband Dermirrei and unable to lead her home in front of her five children, she only wishes to leave a long way. Without understanding the dimension of a space voyage, Lucidride agrees to participate in a mission that will take the first group of humans to the Red Planet and is nominated by his owners’ son, Tavino. He recalls that his father was choosing a person to join a training that would take Brazil to Mars. Believing that he would make his children happy, luciceride leaves for training at Cape Canaveral in the US. “, Summarizes the feature.

“Lucuerside Goes to Mars” The first production after the film is “Armageddon” (1998) had scenes shot at NASA. In addition to many special effects, the feature features scenes on an aircraft that simulates zero gravity. Aircraft dedicated to training astronauts left Las Vegas and performed acrobatics on the Nevada desert (USA), creating unprecedented scenes in Brazilian cinema.

The cast also includes Adriana Biroli (Luana), Kakao Hygino (Padre Joao), Serona Pontes (Rosa), Bianca Joy (Deborah), Renato Chochere (Arnaldo), Isiogelman (Watson). The comedy is produced by AllScreen Films, co-produced by Fox Films, Telesin and Globo Films and distributed by Downtown Films and Paris Films.

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