Facebook and Instagram Down? User Report Instability | social media

Facebook and Instagram Down?  User Report Instability |  social media

Hey Facebook this is instagram Thursday night (8) were down for some users. According to reports, two Facebook social networks had error messages while trying to update the feed Twitter. Hey Tektudo Managed to reproduce the error on the cell phone Android I Iphone ()Ios) And the web version of the network.

(Update: Around 6:46 pm, TechTudo has already been successful in using both social networks in general)

In the case of Instagram, when trying to view the latest publications, the app showed the message “Feed could not be updated”. On Facebook, the text “An error occurred” was displayed. Bought by Tektudo, Facebook’s advice in Brazil attributed the problem to a configuration change in the company’s services – see full status below.

“Before today, a configuration change made Facebook services unavailable to some. We quickly investigated and fixed the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Facebook and Instagram Down? Users report instability – Photo: Tanah Tavarez / TechTudo

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The instability also affected Facebook and Instagram versions for PCs. In the case of Facebook, the social network showed the message “Sorry, something went wrong”.

“Sorry, something went wrong”: Facebook is down – Photo: Reproduction / TechTudo

The term “Facebook and Instagram of the Air” is a peak in trends with the instability of social networks – Photo: Reproduction / Google Trends

Downdetector, a website tracking the status of the digital platform, recorded a peak on Instagram at 6:40 pm with over 10,500 complaints offline. Facebook arrived at 6:30 pm with over 8,500 questions.

Downdetector records peak complaints offline for Instagram – Photo: reproduction / Downdetector

See some reports from Twitter users about the flaws on Facebook and Instagram below.

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