Facebook news arrives in the UK and organs will be paid for content

In June last year, Mark Zuckerberg’s company launched Facebook News in the US, a concept that competes with Apple News. Now, the company has announced that it will start making it available in the UK.

In addition, he revealed that he would pay the content to media companies.

Facebook news

Facebook section will pay for content

As Facebook has revealed, Facebook news There is a section, within the application itself, specifically dedicated to presenting the news. There, users will be able to find personal and reliable news produced by various media outlets, collecting publications on national, local and lifestyle issues.

To personalize each user's news feed, Facebook uses machine learning Which, arranged in complex layers, provide the most relevant content for each. Therefore, the system orders publications taking into account several factors. For example, accounts that a user has recently started liking, among others, posts.

Therefore, the concept is still only available in the USA, where it came out in June last year. However, the company announced that it would start making Facebook news available in the United Kingdom as well as other countries receiving it.

According to Facebook, the concept is intended to present users with "informative, reliable and relevant news", in addition to exposing "original and credible reports on relevant topics".

For this, Facebook will pay publishers whose content is available in the section.

Facebook news

Investment that gives priority to journalism

According to the company's European director of news partnerships, Jasper Daube, Facebook News is a multi-annual investment that prioritizes journalism. Thus, it promotes publishers, offering membership opportunities, so that it is possible to build a "sustainable business for the future".

Appeared in NovemberIn the UK, partnerships will be established with media outlets such as Condé Nast, Hearst, The Economist, and Guard Media Group. Of these, he added more, now subscribing to Channel 4 News, Daily Mail Group, DC Thomson, Financial Times, Sky News and Telegraph Media Group.

Facebook news

In the future, Facebook intends to listen to and meet the markets of various countries where it will spread. For now, Doub revealed that they are in talks in France and Germany.

This clause within the Facebook application, presumably, arises due to the pressure that Facebook, as well as Google, has had to pay the media for content appearing in the application.

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