Facebook Protect: Understand what it is and what to do when you get notified. Technology

Facebook Protect: Understand what it is and what to do when you get notified.  Technology

Group meta announced this week arrival of Facebook To protect For Brazilian users. The safety device is intended for those who have Increased risk of hacker attacks,

First tested in the 2018 US elections, the program is expected to take place in more than 50 countries by the end of 2021.

what is facebook protect

The tool makes two-factor authentication mandatory for certain people to access Facebook as defined by the platform. To that end, the company said it has made “two-factor authentication as simple and easy to use” as possible for this group.

Who should receive the activation request

Meta said those who need to have two-factor authentication turned on are considered the most vulnerable to attacks. examples include Human rights defenders, journalists and government officials,

Anyone who receives the notice has two weeks to activate it. After this period, the user will no longer be able to log in to the Platform.

I didn’t get the warning, what should I do?

nothing. The forum said that for those who have not been informed, no action is required.

Can one enable two-factor authentication?

Yes, even those who have not received the alert can enable two-step authentication.

Remember the Facebook name change in October:

Facebook announced that its parent company is now called Meta

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