Fake News Phase Millie Bobby Brown, De Stranger Things, Abandoners Socialize Again

Fake News Phase Millie Bobby Brown, De Stranger Things, Abandoners Socialize Again

Social networks can do a lot of damage, especially with haters and fan movements. Eleven of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown, created it and left Twitter after a fake news story about it went viral.

Since the release of Stranger Things, the actress has become a Hollywood revelation. Between 2017 and 2018, Millie Bobby Brown generated a lot of curiosity and became the subject of absolutely everything.


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It also caught the attention of haters. A group began editing her images, implying that the actress would have homosexual behavior – which never happened.

However, false images and invented stories began to circulate on social networks, especially Twitter. Many fans joined the movement without checking.

Fake news started in 2017. First, a netizen said that she asked Stranger Things for a picture with the actress, which she turned down because the person is wearing a hijab (Muslim headdress).

To that, another said that Millie Bobby Brown didn’t want to take a picture with him because that fan would be gay. The post happened without any evidence or witnesses, but he started an agitation against the famous.

In the United States, in 2018, the social network marked a rise in the Bring Down Millie Bobby Brown movement (in tradition, Knock Down Millie Bobby Brown). This led the actress to take Twitter off, even with stories never proven or any indication that anything like this had happened.

Many fans are currently wondering why the actress is not on social networks. The famous has not returned to the stage since the case.

Stranger Things actor says he cares about Millie Bobby Brown

The Hopper of Stranger Things David Harbor says he cares about Millie Bobby Brown, XI. In the series, the two father and daughter live, and this relationship was taken backstage.

In an interview with Dan Patrick, the actor said that he cares for the actress like a father figure. This is because Harbor meets Millie Bobby Brown before the young woman is the star she is today.

“Millie and I had a special relationship because I’ve known her since she was very young. I’ve known her before all the fame. I have a real paternal affection for her,” says the Stranger Things star.

The actor is also proud of the actress’ work on Netflix.

“On the one hand, it’s amazing to see her beautiful work. It’s so poignant. On the other hand, I can even see her as Eleven, looking at the pain she’s going through”, completed Harbor.

Stranger Things returns in 2022 with season four.

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