Fans ask SEGA to postpone the game

Fans ask SEGA to postpone the game

Last Wednesday (01), SEGA introduces first gameplay In sonic frontiersblue hedgehog open world game Coming in 2022, Following the revelations, some fans were unhappy with what they saw and are asking the publisher to delay the project.

The mobilization took place on Twitter, in which “#DelaySonicFrontiers“The project, following the gameplay trailer released by IGN, received much criticism from fans concerned about the final quality of the project. Complaints are directed at the empty, automated open world and plastered animation of the character.”mardiculus“, an enthusiast of the saga, said the following on the social network:

first tweet – Fans like you want to take advantage of the increase in fine-tuned game offerings [SEGA] Take advantage of business offers and increase in sales.

It was a fan who led the character’s redesign in the film and helped him achieve that success.

It’s time to raise our bar. Not SEGA.

second tweet “Again, I am not qualified to say whether this position necessarily needs to be postponed or not.

The main message is that this quality, just yet, is not enough.

Trust me, I’ll happily give up if the game scales up, which makes these problems seem small.

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PT-BR. with subtitles insonic frontiers will come PS4, PS5Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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In sales and critics, SEGA predicts Sonic Frontiers’ success

SEGA may disappoint with Sonic Frontiers’ expectations. The Japanese publisher predicts that the game will be a critical and sales success. Will she listen to the requests of the community to achieve this goal? know more,

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