Fans cry over Peaky Blinders: ‘Very cruel’

Fans cry over Peaky Blinders: ‘Very cruel’

WARNING: Peaky Blinders Contains Spoilers.

Peaky Blinders’ sixth season is now airing on British television, and the latest episode left fans in tears.

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Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) is even more concerned about his daughter Ruby (Orla McDonagh), who has been diagnosed with tuberculosis and discovers even more disturbing things in the episode.

Tommy believes the little girl has been cursed and goes to a gypsy cemetery in search of answers. Directed by Esme (Amy-Fiann Edwards), she reminds him of a story about a girl who died Connie Barwell, and Esme believes Connie’s mother to have cursed the young Ruby. would have been inserted.

She says: “You gave a sapphire to a woman named Bethany Barwell. She took the stone back to her camp. He gave the sapphire to his sister Ivadne Barwell. Evadne put the stone around the neck of her daughter, a little girl. Immediately the girl started coughing, she died the same night. seven years old.”

Ruby and Connie were about the same age, so Esme believes Connie’s mother wanted to take revenge on Tommy. Terrified, he promises to reach out to the woman to rectify the mistake, but when he reaches the hospital he learns that his little Ruby is already dead.

Lizzie (Natasha O’Keefe) yells at him, “Where were you? Where were you? She’s gone, Tommy. She’s gone. Now five and seventeen. You weren’t here, were you? Now she’s there.” Where they laid the dead. She was just asking for you. I kissed her goodbye.”

The episode ends without showing Tommy’s full reaction, and the audience is sad and worried about it until new episodes are released. Fans comment on social media how cruel it is that a little girl died like this.

Peaky Blinders Season 6

Peaky Blinders are back!

In the UK, the sixth season of the hit series has been airing since late February, but fans in Brazil will have to wait a bit longer to find out what happens in new episodes of the series.

After so much suspense, Netflix Brazil finally revealed an official date and as announced, the sixth season of Peaky Blinders hits streaming on June 10th.

This information was shared by Netflix itself on its Twitter profile, as can be seen below. In the comments, fans revealed that they are worried and think the date is too far, but they still celebrate the launch of their favorite series in Brazil.

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