Fans sue Ana de Armaso over film

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A very unusual procedure in the United States involves ana de armas. She was brought up by two fans of the actress.

According to Variety, two fans of the Hollywood star are suing the staff of the feature film Tomorrow over Ana de Armas’ absence from the plot. It is learned that the actress appeared in the trailer, but her scenes were cut from the production.

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Fans rented the feature film digitally thinking they would see Ana de Armas in it, but the actress never appeared. Rentals cost around $3.99.

The lawsuit accused Tomorrow’s team, as well as Universal, which distributed the film in the United States, of deceptive marketing. Fans want at least $5 million on behalf of all the consumers the trailer may have fooled.

Action against tomorrow because of Ana de Armasi

This process is similar to the other process that happened a few years back. In 2011, a man sued Drive Team, claiming the trailer was “misleading”.

It turns out that the trailer indicated that the drive would be a “high-speed action feature”. But in reality, it is a slow moving interpersonal drama.

At that time, this process came to nothing. A court came to the conclusion that the trailer was not in fact misleading, as it did not contain scenes inconsistent with the content of the film.

During the release period of Tomorrow, a screenwriter explained that Ana de Armas was cut because audiences at the test screening did not like her character in the story. However, he praised the actress’ performance, saying that it was “painful” to cut her scenes.

Nevertheless, Ana de Armas continued to be featured in the trailer. It remains to be seen what the outcome of this process will be.

In Brazil, Tomorrow is in the Netflix catalogue.

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