FIFA 22: Users complain about game graphics on Xbox Series S Play play

FIFA 22: Users complain about game graphics on Xbox Series S  Play play

hey fifa 22 there was a problem with your version of xbox series, according to users who had early access to the game By EA Play Subscription (Old EA Access) service electronic Arts As of last Wednesday (22) released a free version of FIFA 22 with 10 hours of gameplay, but users are on console. Microsoft Blurry graphics and other visual bugs reported.

Complaints took the help of the producer’s forums and ended up on social networks such as Twitter I reddit. hey takeaway Contacted EA to understand the problem, but no response yet. It is worth noting that in addition to Series S, this game also comes on October 1. Xbox onehandjob xbox series x, Playstation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5) I pc.

The Xbox Series S version of FIFA 22 has graphical issues, according to user reports – Photo: Playback/Mirror

According to reports, the game’s characters are blurry, the 3D model has a strange look around and is very pixelated. Even fast moving objects like balls and players’ hairs leave a mark on the screen when they move.

On Twitter, some players complained about the experience:

A user named Cechmeoutt mentioned that the game appears to be rendered in 720p and will then upscale the image to get 1080p on the console. This would explain some visual issues, but there is no confirmation from EA.

It is also reported that the game’s menus run at a frame rate of 30 fps on the Series S, while xbox series x Run at 60 fps, an odd compromise because menus don’t require a lot of graphics processing.

It is noteworthy that the Xbox Series S is a less powerful model of the new generation console Microsoft, or Xbox Series X.

While the top of the line is priced at R$4,349, the Series S costs R$2,649 and aims to bring a similar gaming experience, but with one punctual difference: while the Series X wants to reach 4K, the simpler version’s resolution is lower. Usually 1080p. Despite this, the console should not cause difficulties to play the game, as the content itself will not be different.

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