Film “Nomadland” distinguished by Hollywood producers, Oscar favorite

Film "Nomadland" distinguished by Hollywood producers, Oscar favorite

The Hollywood Producers Association on Wednesday picked “Nomadland” as the best film of the year, solidifying its chances of winning the Oscar.

Although the Kovid-19 epidemic forced the studio to postpone the release of major productions, Chloe Zhao’s intimate film, which follows modern nomads who cross the United States in motorhomes with mostly motor actors, previously Had already won the gold globe. And, once again, “Nomadland” defeated the main rivals, “The Chicago Seven” and “Munk”, both produced by Netflix.

“In a year in which we have all led such isolated lives and films seem so essential, we are proud of this film that speaks to the community and brings us together,” the producers of “Nomadland” Peter Spears said.

The Producers Guild of America (PGA) award is considered a relatively reliable barometer for the Oscars, to be awarded in late April. Composed of nearly eight thousand professionals, the Producers Association has already distinguished ten of the last 13 Oscar winners for Best Film.

With the Kovid-19 epidemic closing theaters and disrupting the studio’s schedule, video on demand services have been reinforced by the increased demand, which is reflected in these cinema awards.

Netflix and Amazon together managed more than half the nominations at the PGA Awards, but it became a film (“Nomland”) produced by Disney subsidiary Searchlight that took the top award of the night.

Disney also won in the animation category with “Soul” and in the category of television films with the musical “Hamilton”.

Netflix won the award for Best Documentary for the water drama “The Wisdom of the Octopus” en route to the Oscars.

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Also on Netflix, “The Ladies Game” won the award for a miniseries, as well as “The Crown” for a drama series.

The previous season of “Shits Creek”, in the comedy category, surprisingly won, while “Last Week Tonight”, the British John Oliver talk show, won the PGA Award in the category for the sixth consecutive year.

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