Filmmaker who recorded a feature film with the iPhone 8

Filmmaker who recorded a feature film with the iPhone 8

Steven SoderberghThe filmmaker, who won the Palme d’Or award in 1989 with the film “Sexo, Mentiras e Videotape”, has constantly sought to innovate in the field of cinema. One of his attempts was to record a movie called “Disturbance” with just an iPhone. For this and other reasons, he became an inspiration to many.

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The Oscar for Best Director in the 200s is also on his wall because of the movie “Traffic”. However, as we’ve heard the saying, “Not everything is a bed of roses”, Soderbergh didn’t make the best decisions regarding commercial media, which resulted in many of his films not achieving the desired success.
Steven explained that when he learned of the setbacks of the “Logan Lucky” and “Unseen” films he knew would go on to promote on stage, he also thought there was some mechanism that caused the films to fail. will lead. box office.
But in less than three years, the filmmaker has debuted five films on the digital platform, which will be listed below.

5. Laundress

The film entered the Netflix streaming platform in 2019, although it did not receive much success and recognition, it was directed by Steven in collaboration with screenwriter Scott J. Burns, and stars Meryl Streep, Antonio Banderas, Gary Oldman and many others. There was presence. Actor. The film doesn’t have a very interesting story for a wide audience, it just tells about a tax scandal involving the Panama documents.

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4. Let Them All Talk

The film Let Them All Talk, which released in 2020, moved from Netflix to the HBO Max digital platform. The plot focuses on the life of a writer who has a health problem that doesn’t allow him to fly, so he has to go by ship from the United States to the United Kingdom. Alas, a perfectly understated and effortless comedy about aging and second chances.

3. No wrong move

Filmed with a lens wide enough to resemble a fisheye lens, it looks a bit nauseous as it tells the story of petty criminals who think it’s easy to steal, but when their plans go completely wrong they are apt. find solutions, but there is always a different twist.

2. km: someone is listening

Angela, a paranoid woman with a sense of constant surveillance, works at a large tech company that has developed a virtual assistant named “Kimi”. Angela is responsible for analyzing the recordings and modifying the algorithmic system. However, in the course of her work, she overhears a recording which makes her extremely upset. The film is a critique of its over-reliance on technology and is available on HBO Max.

1. High Flying Bird

In trouble, a player suffers the consequences due to a break made by the NBA, but his sports agent will devise a solution that will stir up the system. The film was posted on the Netflix platform in 2019 and stars Andre Holland. The entire feature was recorded with an iPhone 8 and Moonlight was written by Terrell Alvin McCranie.

One thing is certain, some of the big names in cinema would like to work with Steven, because his movies don’t cost a lot, and we know streaming services will never go out of line, so we can say Steven Soderbergh He has benefited from films. We hope that he does not hinder the production of his bold and different films soon.
Have you seen any of the movies mentioned above? If so, let us know what you think in the comments here, but if you haven’t seen any yet, you still have a chance to run in and see them, then come back here and share your view.

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