Find and Alexa Bliss Attack with Double Sister Abigail on WWE Raw

Find and Alexa Bliss Attack with Double Sister Abigail on WWE Raw

WWE Monday Night Raw officially drafted The Find Bray White and Alexa Blaise at 2pm, and both attacked with a double sister Abigail as part of a goal for what was to happen. When The Find was unveiled for the second night of Monday Night Raw’s WWE Draft, questions were raised as to whether Alexa Blaise would be coming soon. This was confirmed in a later round, and now we’re starting to see how much Bliss has become like in the last few weeks.

After the match between Angel Garza and Andrew (with Zelena Vega in the commentary), The Finde’s lights and screening noise began with a bang. But instead of Finde appearing, it was Alexa Bliss who came up with a twist, much like The Fandy. A few moments after Finde’s arrival, they quickly overtook both Android and Vega.

With both of them now their own victims, The Find and Alex Bliss prepared Sister Abigail for a double whammy. After looking back at each other, they both got on the move and completely knocked out Andrade and Vega. Taken. You can see it below on WWE’s official Twitter account:

As far as taking her character in this new form, Bliss recently shared her feelings about the change with’s Ryan Drost, “I certainly didn’t see that (story) coming … I didn’t know. That whatever I was doing I filmed the content with a swamp match and I thought that was it and it is going to be and is being done but it has been going on ever since, which is a lot of fun. I like to do anything that is different, for anything that is work related. Trying different characters and developing the character. And it was a lot of fun. “

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The second night of the WWE Draft continues on Monday Night Raw. The draft also names some people who haven’t been on TV for a while, such as Charlotte Flair, Lars Sullivan, and Elias Can. , Here with our WWE Draft Tracker, taken with every superstar. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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