Find movie premiere dates on HBO Max TV News

Find movie premiere dates on HBO Max TV News

A box office success in its first weekend in theaters, Batman already has a premiere date for those who want to watch it online. HBO Max has confirmed that the film starring Robert Pattinson will be available to its subscribers in Brazil April 17Easter Sunday.

The streaming service followed the 45-day window it adopted for other Warner releases during the pandemic. The production will come with options to watch it in dub or in Portuguese with original audio and subtitles.

HBO Max costs BRL 27.90 per month in the standard plan (with HD and 4K images) and BRL 19.90 monthly in the special package for use on mobile devices. There is no grace period.

In theaters since last Thursday (3), Batman has already been watched by 1.5 million people, with a revenue of R$ 31.7 million in Brazil as of Sunday (6). The second feature on the list was Uncharted – Fora do Mapa, which made just $2.9 million. The data is from comscore.

However, the numbers have jumped when considering the data since the premiere on March 1, with an estimated $45 million at the box office and an audience of 2.2 million.

It is the most-watched production of 2022 and the second-largest production since Quarantine debuted after Man: Far From Home (2021), which raised $89 million in its weekend and garnered over 4 million people in theaters. attracted. ,

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DC’s new hero film grossed $134 million in US theaters on its opening weekend, up 4% from early estimates. Worldwide, the film grossed US$124 million (R$634 million) in 74 overseas markets.

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With two spin-offs already announced for HBO Max, Batman ushered in a new shared universe at DC, focused entirely on heroes and villains and his gallery of allies. watch the trailer:

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