Find out who podcaster Joe Rogan is, the pivot of the feud between Spotify and Neil Young – 01/30/2022 – Illustrated

Find out who podcaster Joe Rogan is, the pivot of the feud between Spotify and Neil Young - 01/30/2022 - Illustrated

UFC commentator, comedian, podcaster and with a long history of biased speeches. It’s Joe Rogan who has amassed fans and critics, and runs Spotify’s most-streamed talk show in the past year.

The multimillion-dollar partnership between the streaming platform and the presenter, according to the Wall Street Journal, saw the company pay more than $100 million for the podcast’s exclusivity—a request from musicians Neil Young and Joni Mitchell that was critical of them. The songs were withdrawn from service.

In January, a group of scientists and health professionals reported the service an episode of the program providing inaccurate data about vaccinations and COVID-19. In it, Rogan conducts a three-hour interview with American immunologist Robert Malone, who draws parallels between Nazi Germany and the present-day United States, and claims that society tends to believe in vaccination and hygiene measures to combat the pandemic. Being “hypnotized”. , The video of the same interview was taken down by YouTube.

Rogan has an estimated 11 million listeners per episode, as well as over 14 million followers on Instagram and more than 8 million followers on Twitter. He says he hates political correctness and identity politics in general, but he has a few positions on the left – he supported the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, for example, calling a senator from the US Democratic Party radical. as seen. And this is not the first time he has been involved in a controversy.

She has been criticized for drawing comparisons to “Planet of the Apes” a black American neighborhood film and for uttering words considered racist by African Americans during her interviews. He made a number of comments considered transphobic, for example when he asked why. American socialite Caitlyn’s gender change zener And the artist is calling Fallen Fox, a trans woman, a man. And he interviewed the leader of a white supremacist group, the Proud Boys, who argued on the show that Muslims should not mix with the West—the episode in question was Removed by Spotify without fanfare, second to magazine Diversity,

Joseph James Rogan, 54, took to the American stage performing comedy and stand-up shows back in the 1990s, before stepping into the podcast microphone. A black belt in more than one fighting mod, he was a commentator on UFC fights.

In late 2009, Rogan released the first episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience”, along with comedian Brian Redbane. In this, he only talked to his comedian friend. After Redban, Rogan interviewed great names in American culture, such as businessmen and millionaire ELON muskQuentin Tarantino, filmmaker and singer demi lovato,

The partnership with Spotify began in 2020, when Rogan signed an exclusive deal with the platform.

Netflix is ​​another streaming platform that has a presenter in its catalogue. Both stand-up shows from 2018 are “Joe Rogan: Trigger” and “Joe Rogan: Strange Times”.

The success of Rogan’s podcast – which has a more spontaneous, half-chat, half-interview and no time limit style – has influenced the emergence of other similar shows around the world. In Brazil, for example, “Flow Podcast” and “Podpah” are famous for following this same model and are consistently one of the most listened to in the country.

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