Find out why Tom Hanks got a millionaire salary early in his career at Forrest Gump

Find out why Tom Hanks got a millionaire salary early in his career at Forrest Gump

In 1994, the film premiered Forrest Gump – The Storytelleractor starring Tom Hanks, The production, considered one of cinema’s great classics, was responsible for one of the highest salaries in Hollywood.

With the film, Tom was nominated for the Best Actor award, taking home the gold statuette. At the time, his salary for playing the role of Forrest was US$65 million, which is an impressive amount even today.

But the explanation of the artist receiving such a huge amount is not related to his talent alone.

When he joined the project, he struck a deal with Paramount Pictures and entered with a portion of the production budget to complete some scenes of the feature. As in the famous sequence where the character moves across the United States.

This was because the studio was concerned that the story of one man traveling the world might not exceed the film’s budget, which was approximately $50 million at the time.

Tom Hanks and Sally Field in Forrest Gump (Disclosure/Paramount Pictures)

As such, Pay was delayed until reaching the box office, when it became one of the biggest hits in world cinema, grossing over US$678 million.

The millionaire deal was worth it

Despite accepting the offer at the time, the actor says it was not an easy decision and he did not know whether the film would actually be a success.

”It was completely unknown. This is without a doubt a truly crazy and unique film. In film, the big moments that resonate will change depending on when you’re watching it,'” he said.

During the work, he and the director Robert ZemeckisThe need to trust each other and be very aligned, because the uncertainty about public acceptance was too great.

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He says he opened his heart to Tom and said that they would have carte blanche in the project, but that they needed to be in it together.

“I can’t allow the director and star of the film to be soulmates. You need to tell me anything and I need to feel comfortable telling you anything. And if so, then I am going to open every frame of this film for you,” the filmmaker told the actor.

Fortunately, the partnership worked and the feature, which is based on the book by Winston Groom, was nominated in 13 categories by the Academy, winning the Best Picture award at the 1995 ceremony.

It’s worth remembering that agreements between actors and studios over the profits of a production are no longer a common practice in Hollywood.

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