Firefox 100 launches with video improvements and more security

Firefox 100 launches with video improvements and more security

mozilla Announced the launch of this Tuesday (3) firefox 100, which brings improved video playback and other features, including more security for users. The news is being released in all versions of the browser, on both desktop and mobile devices.

Support for subtitles in the display of Video in picture-in-picture (PIP) mode Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux is one of the first released in 100. Initially, the tool will be available on platforms such as YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, as well as sites that use the WebVTT format (Twitter, Coursera, etc.).

The developer also announced a new language selector for browser century edition, displayed the first time the software is opened. Initially, it will check the default language of the device and provides an option to select one of the 100+ supported languages ​​if the user wishes to modify the configuration.

Subtitles in pip mode.Source: mozilla/disclosure

It is also worth noting firefox updateOffer to auto fill credit card details in more countries. Previously only available in the United States, the functionality is now available in France, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

HTTPS and more organized tabs

By improving user security, Firefox 100 for Android Now the “HTTPS only” mode is enabled by default, which was already made available in the beta version in April. With this feature, the browser prioritizes a secure connection whenever it is available, while maintaining the privacy of the Internet user.

New History Organization.New History Organization.Source: mozilla/disclosure

new version of mozilla browser It also includes an improved organization of history and open tabs for the Google system, which groups visited sites by topic to facilitate search. The app will remove the tabs not opened in the last 14 days from the instant view.

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These news are coming soon to iOS as well, with new wallpapers exclusively for the mobile versions.

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