Five great new movies to watch on Netflix this weekend

Five great new movies to watch on Netflix this weekend

Don’t know what to watch on the weekend? Your problems are over: metros Selected five new movies available Netflix for your enjoyment.

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against the snow

In 1909, Denmark organized an expedition led by Captain Agner Mikkelsen (Nikolaj Koster-Waldau) to counter American domination of Northeast Greenland. The idea was to prove that the island was not divided into two separate parts. Leaving the crew behind on the ship, Mickelson embarks on a journey across the ice, accompanied by the inexperienced Ivar Iverson (Joe Cole).

The two manage to prove that Greenland is just an island, but returning to the ship is more difficult and time-consuming than they imagined. After experiencing hunger, exhaustion, and an onslaught of polar bears, they find the ship wrecked on ice and abandoned by the camp crew.

Waiting for rescue, they must fight to survive. Days do not pass and their mental health starts deteriorating. With lots of mistrust and paranoia, the battle for survival is becoming increasingly difficult.

Watch the film here.

that weekend

A weekend trip to Croatia turns into a nightmare when a woman (Leighton Meester) is accused of murdering her best friend (Christina Wolff) and her search for the truth uncovers a painful mystery.

Watch the film here.

Project Adam

To understand the past and save the future, a pilot travels through time and bonds with his dead father and a younger version of himself.

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Watch the film here.

bond of affection

In this touching story, teenager Leon is the son of two parents who are separating and he is faced with the prejudice experienced by his family.

Watch the film here.

Living Paradise: Family Tales

In this drama about wildlife, a rapidly increasing drought in the Kalahari Desert threatens the most diverse species and shows that the strength of the family comes from the pack.

Watch the film here.

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