Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ Tenant Chart after Lip-Sink TickTock Video

Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ Tenant Chart after Lip-Sink TickTock Video

Fleetwood Mac’s “Dream” is turning into a chart hit, again, thanks to a glimpse of a man’s longboarding by Tiktok and lip syncing to a song that has become a viral video sensation.

“We love it!” The band tweeted when members appeared on the footage about a week ago. They are likely to love it even more now as it looks at the rising currents and downloads in such a way that the single appears ready to make a repeat look four decades later on the 1977 chart.

On this week’s Rolling Stone songs chart, “New Dreams” sits at No. 29 as a result of new interest.

Buzz Angle Music Zick ran the data, and last week’s song streams jumped from 5.2 million to 6.7 million in this unfinished chart week.

Sales growth was even more pronounced, although digital track sales are lower than the overall pie these days. “Dreams” quadrupled its sales from 4,800 downloads in the first week of this week to 4,800, making it the 15th best-seller of the week.

In all, the track jumped from 30,100 song units to 47,600 units earlier this week, making it the 28th most popular song at the moment.

For today’s year, it has aired 529 million times, so it is not necessary that the twelfth time the famous hit was sitting doing it all, a sea spray crane-raspberry juice biting into the street. Waiting to be rescued by the person.

Yet it is one of those phenomena – such as Phil Collins ‘suicidal response to Phil Collins’ drum break in the “Twins” video, such as “Phil Tight Night” – that gave a country fame in the sudden context of classics, long boarding. Falls in love with. A special moment of late entry into the sink of the human lips provides happiness.

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The tic tac toe videos have numbers in themselves that are far ahead through the ceiling. It has been viewed more than 18 million times on Tiktok and more than 22 million times on Twitter.

The star of the video is Idaho Falls, Idaho resident Nathan Apodaka. “My car, this bus stops sometimes,” he said in an interview with TMZ. “I always have my long board, if I’m running out of gas or anything … I just jumped on my long board. [and] I decided it would be perfect for a video. ”

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